Roof Damage Jacksonville Florida

Roof DamageIt’s one of the worst things that can happen to the exterior of your Jacksonville, Florida home. Significant roof damage can be expensive, stressful, and damaging to the property. When disaster strikes, AJ Wells should be your first call.

A damaged roof can affect more than just your shingles. Water could enter through any roof leaks and ultimately damage your ceiling, walls, structural supports, and your home’s foundation. At which point, mold and mildew may grow in trapped moisture causing breathing problems that ultimately lead to an unhealthy environment for your entire family.

The best thing you can do for your home and for your family is to contact AJ Wells today when you notice early signs of roof damage.

The causes of roof damage

Severe wind can cause roofing materials to lift, curl, or come off entirely. When they are damaged, water easily enters the home under the roofing material.

Extreme changes in weather may also affect your roof causing to buckle, split, or blister. Moisture then seeps through the openings that have developed.

Falling objects and blown debris often lead to potential roof damage as well.

When should I have my roof inspected?

If you suspect that your roof may be damaged due to harsh weather or blown debris, it’s important to have your roof checked immediately by expert technicians. The professionals at AJ Wells will perform a timely roof inspection, diagnose any trouble areas, and provide you with an honest quote, then finalize the work quickly at an affordable rate. It’s service such as this that makes us the leader in Jacksonville, Florida, for roof inspections and roof damage.