Roof Maintenance & Jacksonville, FL

How Just a Few Routine Maintenance Services Will Increase the Longevity of Your Home’s Roof

O.K., so last night you were sitting in your living room, quietly enjoying a movie and listening to the rain patter on the roof, when suddenly water starts dripping inside. Luckily, it just missed your head by about an inch! Unfortunately, a leaky roof is not good for a home, and it may be time to call the roof maintenance specialist in Jacksonville, Florida, to come and inspect your roof.

Hiring a roof maintenance professional is not as difficult as you might think. All you need to do is pick up the phone and have a professional from AJ Wells come to inspect the entire roof surface to locate the areas. Don’t worry! Just because you have a leak problem does not necessarily mean you need the entire roof replaced, you may only need to have the shingles replaced in a certain area.

When Do I Call a Roof Maintenance Specialist in Jacksonville, Florida?
O.K. so the above situation is a worst case scenario. In reality, you should call a roofing specialist at least once a year; your roof is just like any other part of your home and needs to be maintained. This means you should have branches and debris removed before they cause a leak or other serious damage. You should also have your roof shingles or material inspected regularly and replaced as needed.

Why Are Inspections Important
By having your roof inspected regularly, you can avoid the need for an entire roof replacement and make your roof last for a longer number of years. At the time of inspection, a reliable roof maintenance specialist can simply replace the shingles that are worn without having to do an entire roof replacement.

A Good, Strong and Sturdy Roof is Important
Although it is true, an inspection may cost you some money, it is by no means the price of a full roof replacement, and it is well worth the investment if it means prolonging the overall life of the roof. Besides a roof that is well maintained and in good shape also ensures you get full value for the home any time you decide to sell it.

What Happens During a Roof Maintenance Call
A roof maintenance professional will appropriately clean your roof of all impediments and debris. One of our technicians will clean the gutters and inspect the shingles. After which, we will inform you as to the need to replace any missing or damaged shingles. This process only takes a few hours and is a preventative measure ensuring your roof is kept clean and maintained, and minimizing the need for a full roof replacement.