Roof Ventilation Systems in Jacksonville, FL

A well-designed and effective ventilation system it is a vital component of any properly-installed roof, but this is especially true in Florida, where the weather is often hot and humid. Roof vents can make a home or building more comfortable and prevent a variety of roof problems.

Attics should be ventilated for a number of reasons:

  • Well-ventilated attics allow hot air to escape in the summer, keeping the living spaces cooler. As a result, the HVAC system can work more efficiently. In addition, cooler attic spaces keep roof shingles from expanding due to moisture.
  • Well-ventilated attics allow warm, humid air to escape in the winter, also. If air that is significantly warmer than the air outside remains in an attic space, it can cause condensation and or even ice dams. These problems are usually caused by warm, moist air from the living spaces, such as bathrooms, meeting the cold air in the attic. Condensation can damage insulation, wood framing, the roof deck, and drywall.
  • Well-ventilated attics promote a longer lifespan for the roof. In fact, most shingle manufacturers require a well-designed ventilation system to honor the shingle warranty. Thermal expansion is common for shingles on a roof that is not properly ventilated. It is possible that poor ventilation can decrease the life of a roof by half. This means that some poorly-ventilated roofs fail in as little as 10 years.

Common Problems with Roof Vents

Unfortunately, improperly installed roof vents are fairly common. Here are a few reasons a roof’s ventilation system may not be operating optimally:

  • Insulation or felt paper is blocking the vents.
  • Vents are installed over solid wood.
  • Two types of exhaust vents are installed, rather than one type.
  • The roof contains worn-out aluminum ridge vents.
  • The roof holes do not match the size of the vents.

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