3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

With the average household spending approximately $2200 every year on their energy bills to heat and cool the home, finding ways to increase home energy efficiency is critical at managing utility costs. Older drafty homes that have installed single pane windows along with houses that have minimal insulation require much more energy for heating and cooling. Finding cost-effective energy efficiency solutions is a quick way to save money now. The three main areas to look at is insulation, roofing and the HVAC system. bigstock-House-And-Scale-Energy-Efficie-13239215


The thermal barrier of the house, or its insulation, is installed to maintain heat flow. The slower amount of time it takes for heat to leave the home in the winter, or enter the home in the summer, the less energy will be required to maintain a comfortable temperature. Generally, insulation is installed on the walls and the attic. It is essential to have the proper amount of insulation in the attic without affecting ventilation around the rafters, soffits and ridge vent.

To ensure the insulation in the attic is working properly, a series of dams might need to be installed as a way to hold back or prevent insulation from falling or spilling into attic hatches, vents and air handlers.

The Roof

The only way that the insulation in the attic can function properly is to ensure that there are no roof leaks. Any penetrating or standing water can quickly do damage to the insulation causing it to form rot, mildew or mold. Additionally, the insulation will become highly inefficient causing energy bills to rise. Every roof leak must be quickly repaired by a licensed, professional roofing contractor. Additionally, the roof must be fully vented with a ridge vent, and/or side vents that allow air flow to minimize heat buildup inside the attic. A properly functioning attic will hold down heating and cooling costs during the winter and summer months.

The HVAC System

The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system in the house must be maintained properly to maximize the energy efficiency of the home. This includes properly functioning ductwork. Any holes or cracks in the system can allow heat or cool air to escape into the attic or crawl space, wasting significant amounts of energy.

Insulating contractors can install the proper levels of insulation in every roof. Experience, roofing professionals can preserve the home through routine roof maintenance, and HVAC specialist can ensure the A/C system is functioning properly.


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