5 Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

Most homeowners enjoy working on the house by performing home projects to enhance its beauty or maintain its integrity. However, there are five specific projects that every homeowner should avoid doing themselves for numerous reasons including safety, cost and time. The following projects should be tackled by professionals because they have the experience, skills and tools necessary to do the job right. bigstock-Roof-repair-16442492They include:  

Roof Repair – Due to the nature of the height of the job, along with the weight of the material, homeowners can potentially hurt themselves when attempting to repair the roof. Additionally, as a do-it-yourself project, an inexperienced homeowner can cause damage that might require even more extensive repairs. Seasonal checks should be performed during a routine roof maintenance inspection by a licensed professional, to catch any minimal potential roof problem before it becomes a large one.

Window Replacement – An ideal way to increase energy efficiency of the home is to replace the windows. However, the job requires specialized tools. Additionally, older homes may require the removal of harmful (deadly) lead-based paints which can only be done by a professional that follows federal guidelines.

HVAC Maintenance – While homeowners can reinstall a new programmable thermostat, or change the filters to the HVAC system, most heating and cooling maintenance requires the skills of an experienced professional. With the right tools, a licensed HVAC contractor can perform a vacuum test, refrigerant level test, and evaluate the operating efficiency of the system.

Attic Insulation – To work properly, and produce energy efficient results, adding attic insulation must be done correctly. The entire attic will need to be sealed properly before any added insulation is installed.

Tree Removal – Although most trees do not look that high or voluminous when standing, they reveal the amounts of material once felled. To be done properly, the tree must be taken down carefully in stages. Once completely cut down, it will be necessary to haul it away, and remove the stump. As a safety and time factor, it is a job best left to the pros.

While it is possible that any homeowner can perform any of the above repairs and replacement, most involve high levels of skill to maintain safety and integrity. For homeowners eager to have their roof repaired, it is critical to hire a licensed roofing professional. Removing a tree can cause harm, or death, if not perform properly. The heating and cooling system of the home is too expensive to have repairs done inadequately. These are all jobs best left for the professionals to perform.


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