5 Things to Look For in a Roof Contractor

A.J. Wells Roofing are certified roofing contractors and certified general contractorsHere in Jacksonville, you never know what type of weather will roll in. Although rain is a convenient element for detecting roof damage or leaks, it’s not the only part of Mother Nature that can wear a roof down. Wind, sun and hail can also wreak havoc on your home’s most protective structure – and Florida is subject to all of these.You can’t predict the elements, but you can take our advice on how to choose a professional roof contractor that will take care of your roof and help keep your home safe. Here are five must-know tips for picking a contractor that won’t let you down.  

Look for Longevity

One of the best things you can do before selecting a roofing contractor is find out how long the roofing professional has been in business. Checking in with Jacksonville’s Better Business Bureau is a readily available resource. The Jacksonville Business Inspection Division is also a handy tool for checking current and past complaints by customers.

Localize the Contractor

Make sure the contractor is close enough to get to the necessary repairs or required installation as quickly as possible. Ideally, it’s best to choose a professional contractor within the same city. However, proximity should never be more important than quality. If you have to extend your search to find a competent roofing professional, you should. Just try to stay as close to home as possible. A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction serves the Jacksonville area and we are your trusted local roofing contractor.

Verify License and Insurance

The state of Florida does require roofing contractors to be licensed. So, make sure to check that your selected contractor is fully licensed, and also properly insured. While there are different kinds of insurance that a roofing professional can have, you may want to be sure that certain types are in place. Verify that the company has liability insurance so that the company is responsible for any damages or injuries that may happen on the work site. Worker’s compensation helps protect you if a roofer is injured on your property. A reliable and responsible roofing professional will readily provide proof of insurance, voluntarily or upon request.

Secure a Written Offer

Most quality roofing professionals will offer a potential customer a written offer in three stages. First, there’s an estimate that provides an approximate idea of how much the job will cost. Estimates are usually given at no cost. If you decide the price is right, the contractor will typically draw up a proposal that outlines the details of the job. If the proposal is accepted, a contract for the project is offered. This is a process that helps both the customers and contractors, as all parties have a clear-cut understanding of job and payment terms. Make sure that you get the details and job costs in writing. This protects you if the roofing job is beneath board.A.J. Wells is Jacksonville's top roofing contractor

Trust References

One of the most reliable ways to find quality contractors is by word of mouth. Check with friends, neighbors and co-workers about who they used for roofing work. Someone that you trust would be unlikely to steer you toward an unreliable roofing company. Advice from someone that’s been there and done that is priceless.  

Instead of going through the painstaking process of finding a roofing company that may match each of these tips, come to the company that actually does. A.J. Wells goes above and beyond for each of our customers. Get in touch with us and find out why we’re Jacksonville’s top roofing company.

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