6 Things You Should Expect from Your Roofing Company

roof_menRepairing or replacing the family’s roof is never a fun task, especially when attempting to locate a qualified, licensed roofing contractor. The competitive nature of the roofing business sometimes makes it difficult to find the ones that will perform the job right at a reasonable price. However, for individuals in the market for hiring a roofing contractor, the following tips can help you understand what to expect from each company. They include:

The Interview Process – Nearly every licensed roofing company will offer a free interview or consultation. This is a critical part of the process because it gives each licensed professional the ability to evaluate exactly what the issues with your roof are, and how to repair them.

Evaluating the Roof – While it is important that you do not get up on the roof yourself to attempt to evaluate the problem, the licensed contractor certainly should. Any roofing contractor that does not evaluate the roof, by inspecting it up close, should be disregarded as a potential candidate for your roof repair job. Many licensed professionals will take a video or capture pictures of the roof’s surface to provide you an up close look at the problems, to help you understand exactly what steps need to be taken during the repair process.

The Estimate – All estimates need to be written and signed by the roofing contractor. Many contractors will simply write up a proposal or estimate in their truck or van. Others will take the information back to their office and email, phone or mail you the signed estimate. Once you receive the estimate, look for all specific details on materials that will be used, how long the repair project will take and see if there are any hidden costs that could unexpectedly arise before the job is complete.

Answering Questions – You can either ask questions while the contractor is still there, or call to clarify concerns before hiring the professional licensed roofing contractor.

Preparing the Roof – Once the paperwork is signed, the licensed contractor will typically have the materials delivered to the roof. The material delivery company sometimes uses a conveyor belt to unload heavy materials directly on your rooftop.

Repairing the Roof – You can expect your professional roofing contractor to bring a large crew that will tear off your existing roof and replace it with your new one. As much as possible, the contractor will protect the exposed areas from the weather to maintain the interior integrity of your home.

Once the job has been completed, your licensed roofing professional should clean their mess thoroughly and remove all discarded materials, along with the old roof materials. Your final payment should only be paid once you are completely satisfied.


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