Country Manor Shake

decorative tile metal roofing_ountry-manor-shakeThere is no question that a wood shake roof is synonymous with rural living and old-style home construction for roofing. However, while that same look can be very nostalgic, it can also be very dangerous. The same beautiful wood shake that protects a roof can be the death-knell of the same home during a fire condition. Even with fire prevention chemical treatment, the protection on wood only lasts for a few years and then the roof is exposed with high-flammability risk. When fire occurs and embers fly, they can spark an old wood shake roof and start to burn. That ember can come from a chimney, a nearby fire, fireworks on the Fourth of July, or some other cause.

However, there is a viable solution now for having a beautiful shake roof that is also fire-proof. Ironically, the technology for classic metal roofing has been around since the 1970s. However, now with the ingenuity of Classic Metal Roofing Systems, the Country Manor Shake is available for roofing and replacement. The product offers the protection of a metal roofing shake, which avoids all the above problems with being fire-prone. It doesn’t matter whether fireworks, an ember, or some other hot spark falls on the shake, the ignition source is just going to fizzle. None of these sources are anywhere hot enough to even make a metal shake warm.

Classic metal roofing is also extremely durable against external weather as well. Whether it be hail, rain, sun or wind, these shakes take a beating and won’t lose any of their look or appearance. Wood is organic; eventually wood shake deconstructs and breaks down to dust. Take a look at any old wood shake roof and you will see deterioration in multiple areas. Further, wood shake is prone to attack by pests and other organisms. It’s not uncommon to see a wood shake roof covered with moss or similar, which also contributes to the degeneration process. Metal shake has none of these problems.

Country Manor Shake is available in two sets of colors, Hylar 5000 or Kynar 500. Further, all of the connection points are well-concealed, so what appears on a roof ends up being a flowing house cover with a beautiful pattern and far more durable protection than older roofing types.

Some can be concerned that metal shake is essentially subject to corrosion and rust. In fact the roofing product is entirely maintenance-free. As noted earlier, it won’t rot and crack from drying out or pests. Country Manor Shake also won’t rust and discolor. It is chemically designed to avoid staining and discoloration, making it a perfect roofing material for coastal areas with humid air. Metal shake is also strong and been rated at above 200 mph wind testing.

If your home needs a new roof, consider Country Manor Shake; it’s designed to last.