Oxford Shingle

decorative tile metal roofing_oxford-shingleIf the shingles on your roof were installed eight or more years ago, or if your roof is not looking its best, perhaps it’s time to consider a new roof.

When considering new shingles there are many different options including: color, style and durability. Most home owners select shingles that look similar to the old ones, but we would like you to take a little time to consider metal roofing. In many cases, it is more affordable, durable and easier to maintain than traditional shingles and with new shapes that mimic the look of traditional shingles; there’s a match for every home design.

When we think of metal roofing, many times we think of corrugated steel that has been popular with industrial buildings and classic barns, but metal roofing has come a long way. Many homeowners don’t like the look of the standing seam –which was the traditional style—but still desired the low maintenance and energy saving properties of a metal roof.  With new options from Classic Metal Roofing, all of that has changed.

The Oxford style shingle has been popular throughout the ages. This style of shingle looks similar to a sheet of slate that was often used before modern composite shingles. It can be found on many types and styles of homes and is a very popular choice. Until now, the Oxford shingle was only available in traditional style shingles, but many metal roofing companies now produce a variety of styles of aluminum or steel roofing materials that mimic classic types.

The Oxford Classic Metal Roof comes in a variety of colors to match your home’s design style. It is easy to maintain and resists streaking and discoloration, unlike the traditional composite shingles. With the heat reflective properties of aluminum, you will reduce your cooling costs. You won’t worry about the weight of ice or snow as this roof sheds them faster. Because the Classic Metal Roofing materials will not rot or harbor insects, the Oxford is often considered a lifetime roof that will not need to be replaced.

So if you are considering replacing your roof or building a new home but want a low maintenance option consider classic metal roofing. The roofing experts at A. J. Wells Roofing Contractors can assist you in selecting the best choice for your home.