AJ Wells Roofing is Not Only a Licensed Roofing Contractor, but a Certified General Contractor.

You need a new roof, or another roofing service. Your head is spinning and the biggest thing weighing on your mind is determining who to hire for such an important component of your home. One of the best things to do in situations with regard to your roof is to hire a licensed general contractor. Companies such as AJ Wells Roofing Contractors of Jacksonville, Florida stand out due to the fact that Arthur Wells is not only a certified roofing contractor, but also a licensed general contractor.

What is a licensed contractor?

A licensed general contractor has the knowledge and ability to complete an entire construction project. Examples include: building a new office or property, completing a home add-on, or building a new chimney on a home. He or she will have the ability to supervise all work on a given project, schedule subcontractors, and comply with state building codes. Licensed general contractors must also pass a test that includes business management skills. For a contractor to become licensed, he or she must have no open contracting grievances and pass a criminal background check.

Why do you need a licensed general contractor?

Steps were created for promoting the licensing of contractors in order to protect consumers. A general contractor would not do the specific plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work him or herself, but would oversee the work by subcontractors who are knowledgeable in those specific trades. In addition, a licensed general contractor can make sure that your project meets current building codes. Without a licensed general contractor, you could be responsible for filing the paper work necessary to complete a job, which can be difficult and confusing if you are not aware of the nuances of the system and your specific project.

How do you find licensed general contractors in your area?

You can go online and look up the licensing requirements for your specific state at various websites and see the specific benchmarks your contractor must meet in order to complete their jobs. You can also ask for the information from your licensed contractor to make sure he or she is accredited and actually does possess a license. Most licensed general contractors offer this information readily as a way to market themselves because consumers are looking for this much more often.

Should you use a licensed general contractor for your roofing needs?

Absolutely! Companies such as AJ Wells Roofing Contractors of Jacksonville, Florida stand out due to the fact that Arthur Wells is not only a certified roofing contractor but a licensed general contractor. When a homeowner hires a roofing company to replace their roof, it is likely interior work will need to be done. So, if they hire only a roofing contractor, they will likely need to hire a general contractor as well. With this in mind, if you hire a company like AJ Wells, the licensed general contractor will have the ability to not only install the roof, but also the ability to complete necessary paperwork, and hire needed subcontractors to do any interior roofing work to complete the job.