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Active Steps Any Homeowner Can Take to Help Preserve Their Roof

Fall Cleanup - Leaves in Gutter #2Roof repairs and replacement are expensive, and barring severe damage from storms, are largely preventable with the right steps. Part of caring for and maintaining your home properly is preserving your roof. While expert Jacksonville, Florida roofing services can offer vital help, there are many things that you can do on your own to help ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. Here are the most important active steps for a homeowner to take.

Clean Regularly

Ideally, you’ll clean your roof at least twice per year – during the spring and fall (or early summer and early winter). You might not think it, but your roof acts as a trap for a variety of things. Over time, these items build up and threaten the health and stability of your roof, and even your entire home. Clean your roof by inspecting it for leaves and branches – particularly in the valleys. Debris buildup within valleys can easily lead to mold growth on shingles, but can also dam up water and allow it to run under the shingles and into your home, where it will create serious problems.

You should also make sure to clean out your gutters and downspouts twice per year. Like your roof, leaves, branches and other debris can build up here. Once your gutters are blocked, water dams up, making the gutters sag away from the home and allowing water to enter the roof.

Yard Considerations

Most homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida appreciate the beauty (and shade) provided by trees and vines. However, those elements can cause serious problems if left unchecked. Any vines growing up your home should be removed before they reach the roofline. Any trees that overhang your roof should be trimmed back or removed completely (if necessary). Tree limbs can fall during storms, and trees can be knocked over by strong winds, damaging the roof. Trimming back limbs will also help eliminate the buildup of dead leaves on the roof.

Applying Surface Treatments

There are surface treatments that can help protect against damage to your shingles. Make sure that the treatment you choose has at least 6% copper napthenate (up to 2% copper octoate alternatively). The point of these treatments is to retard the growth of mold and moss on the shingles, which will help extend their life, but it does not protect against storm damage or damage from falling debris (tree limbs, for instance).

Have Your Roof Inspected Professionally Each Year

Perhaps the most important step a homeowner should take on their own is to have their roof inspected professionally by a Jacksonville, Florida roofing company. A full inspection should be conducted at least once per year to identify damage and make necessary repairs. Don’t wait until the signs of damage are obvious (such as obvious leaks inside the home). Preventative inspections are always good ideas.

The Option of Professional Roof Maintenance

If you prefer not to clean your roof yourself (no one would blame you for not wanting to crawl around up there), you can invest in professional roof maintenance services. A Jacksonville, Florida roofer will come to your home, inspect the roof and then provide a thorough cleaning to remove all dead leaves, limbs and other debris. The roofer will also inspect the flashing and seals around pipe vents, exhaust fans and chimneys to make sure there are no existing water leaks.

There are several things that the average homeowner can do to preserve their home’s roof. However, calling on the professionals at AJ Wells Roofing Contractors is always a good idea as well. Either way, make sure your roof stays clean and well maintained to avoid costly repairs.


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