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Jacksonville roofingAJ Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL is a complete roofing contractor with vast experience ranging from basic repairs to complex new roof installations. Our technicians are prepared to handle any residential and light commercial job regardless of size. We can repair your roof’s worn, aged and curled shingles and replace those that are missing.

Beyond common surface roof damage, AJ Wells Roofing Contractors is skilled in resolving critical roof issues that are not easily detected by untrained personnel. It is often those hidden problems that cause serious consequences in the future. The problems include deteriorated plywood under layers and valleys and a multitude of other issues that can result in leaks and serious water damage to your home or business. We can provide you with a number of proven products and services that can make your life easier. Is your roof ventilation adequate? Do your gutters need replacement? These are two of the many other services our company can provide.

Roofs take a lot of weather and sun-related punishment. AJ Wells can repair wind damaged roofs and other storm related issues like tree damage. While shingled roofs are the most common type of roof, our experienced roofers can handle flat roofs, metal roofs and roofs made of any other material on residential as well as light commercial buildings.

Roofs in Florida are subject to strict requirements because of the potential for damage from high winds and hurricanes. Metal roofs are among the strongest types of roofing. They are able to withstand the elements when installed correctly. AJ Wells Roofing Contractors is a pioneer in metal roofs, with over 40 years of combined experience. We can replace your existing roof with guaranteed products from the most reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Count on AJ Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL to install, repair or replace your metal roof. If you have a roof issue, we can solve it.

We invite you to visit our site and investigate our very informative website. It’s packed with great information about our many services and products. Find out how you can tell if your roof is storm safe on our site.

Our expert roofing technicians will come to your home to look over your project, discuss possibilities and provide you with a free estimate. When our estimator meets with you, present him with one of the coupons you can access on our site. You can save $500 on a re-roof or $1,000 on a new roof. If you have any other written estimates from our competition, AJ Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL will match or beat that offer. All in all, there is no downside. You will get the product and services that are best for you at a price that can’t be beat.

Waterproofing a Cost Effective Solution

For homeowners who are looking for a cost effective solution to their roof leak problems, ask about our roof waterproofing process. We guarantee that once we apply our watertight membrane, your home or business will remain leak free for up to 12 years. The good news is that it will cost you half the cost of a roof tear off or replacement. Waterproofing is especially attractive option for light commercial buildings and apartment complexes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In addition to our promises and personal guarantees, the manufacturers we represent also stand behind their products. You can be confident that you are getting the best value and highest quality product for your dollars. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is the best in the industry. We are so sure of our workmanship and quality that you won’t have to come up with any payment until our work is done and you are completely satisfied. As far as we know, no other roofer can offer these terms.

AJ Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL is proud to be among the select group of contractors that are Certainteed Certified Master Shinglers. That honor means that our company meets or exceeds the tough standards for installation specifications, quality and code adherence. Take advantage of our offer of free roof inspections before committing to any of our services.

Technology has not escaped us. Ask about our high reflectivity and high emissivity roof surfaces designed to reflect the sun’s energy away from the roof surface. These products help solve some of the issues we face in Florida. The field has grown to include colorful “solar safe tiles” that can actually help power your home.


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