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Tropical season can bring heavy storms to Northeast FloridaWhile we do thoroughly enjoy our year-round sunny weather in Northeast Florida, we all know the drill about tropical storm season. Florida storms can be devastating, particularly to roofs, at which time it is imperative that you call a reputable contractor like A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction to secure and inspect your roof.

Tropical season, or hurricane season, lasts from June until November. Along with larger events like tropical storms and the occasional hurricane, short midday storms or microbursts are characteristic of tropical storm season; with them, these storms can bring turbulent wind gusts, heavy rainfall, hail, and even tornadoes.

Roofs in Northeast Florida are especially susceptible to heavy wind damage. Wind damage can cause shingles to tear or even break off, and completely separate them from the home, and the damage only gets worse over time. Usually you will see shingles scattered out in the yard.

What do we mean by securing your roof after a storm? Many residents enjoy the shade of Jacksonville’s native oak and cedar trees. Unfortunately, the gale force winds that are common during tropical storm season also make Jacksonville residents’ roofs at high risk of damage from fallen trees. If your roof has been damaged by a fallen tree or its branches, it is vital that you contact A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction immediately. We work with a licensed and contracted tree company who will first remove the fallen tree off your home, and then we will have your roof tarped as soon as possible. Tarping is a crucial part of the process to ensure no further damages, such as water entering your home, occur. We pride ourselves on being first on the job because of our 24/7 availability.

Calling a contractor is also an important step towards filing insurance claims after a fallen tree incident. When contacting A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction immediately following a heavy storm or fallen tree we can assist you as you file your own insurance claim, but also guarantee that you receive the highest quality work. Never try to make repairs yourself.

A.J. Wells enjoys helping local families just like yours get the help they need to protect their homes and loved ones. If you suspect wind, hail, or fallen tree damage to your roof contact A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction today. A.J. Wells is a certified roofing and general contractor. Our team is more than prepared to tarp your damaged roof in an emergency, any time, 24/7. Furthermore, we are very familiar with all of the finer points of insurance claims for homeowners in Northeast Florida. Keep your first line of defense against tropical storm season—your roof—secure. Contact us at (904) 553-0069 or online to get your roof assessed.

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