Apartment Complex Roof Replacement in Jacksonville FL

Trust AJ Wells Roofing to replace the roof on your apartment complex or other commercial structure

Are you considering a roof replacement for your Jacksonville apartment complex or other commercial building?  The licensed and bonded professionals at AJ Wells Roofing can make it happen.

Roof replacement is a substantial project for any building, and in an apartment complex with multiple residents and more complex roofing, this is a particularly important concern. As a building owner or maintenance professional, it is important that you choose a company to do the work that will stand by their product, producing an attractive result that will last as long as possible.

You can rely on the roof replacement services from AJ roofing because we are a local company with a reputation for quality and professionalism.

Go Local with AJ Wells in Jacksonville FL

While replacing the roof on an apartment complex is not something that has to be done annually, it is a normal part of any building maintenance. As such, it is important to have the roof installed by someone who can easily come to follow up with any problems as well as to provide regular maintenance to the roof to extend the lifespan.

As a local Jacksonville area commercial roofing contractor, AJ Roofing can provide references for the quality of our work from folks you might know right here in your own neighborhood.

Quality and Professionalism

AJ Roofing is so confident in the high quality of their services, products, and staff, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and do not collect payment until the service has been completed and inspected to ensure customer approval.

Our Promise To You:

  • Roof replacement includes removing the old roof, inspection of the roof deck, replacement of soft or rotten pieces, proper sealing, and installation of new tiles or shingles
  • All work is done by licensed, insured, and experienced staff
  • All materials are of the highest quality and installed according to manufacturer’s recommendation

In Jacksonville and in all of Florida, commercial roofs are under a lot of strain. While they do not have to endure the heavy snow and ice that affects roofs in the northern part of the United States, the strong UV rays beat down on roofs and wear the materials out.

A north Florida-based company, AJ Roofing understands the unique problems roofs endure in the tropical environment. As such, we are able to provide the best roofing services, including Jacksonville apartment roof replacement, to each of our customers.


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