Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

bigstock-Are-You-Prepared-Written-on-Ch-25719191Roofs provide us with one of our basic necessities in life—shelter. Without a sustainable roof above our heads, we would be subject to all the extreme weather conditions that occur in Florida each summer. Hurricane season just started, and will last through November. It’s likely to be another typical summer in the Sunshine State, consisting of a range of weather conditions that will require a strong roof.

What To Do

Some factors that can attribute to roof damage include animals, wind, rain, hail, heat, and storms that may cause nearby trees to fall. As a homeowner, you need to be prepared to handle all of these risks before they occur. Staying updated with news and weather information can not only benefit the maintenance of a supportive roof, but also help you and your loved ones stay safe and out of danger. In order to minimize your vulnerability to a storm, you can take any of the following precautions: clear out loose or clogged rain gutters, trim nearby trees and shrubs so that they are more resistant to strong winds, remove dead or rotting trees and branches, and make sure your roof is secure and not already prone to leaks or water damage.

Whether you are prepared for these factors or not, roof damage is still likely to occur at some point. Because of our close location to the coast, our roofs are exposed to various risks that may cause significant damage. With hurricane season already underway, it is important to consider that hurricanes and tropical storms can also cause damage hundreds of miles inland, not just along the coast. Tropical Storm Andrea was quick to launch off the 2013 hurricane season. The Weather Channel noted 10 tornadoes associated with Andrea, resulting in many roofs being damaged in about eight different counties in Florida.

After storms such as Andrea pass through, it is important to look for anything that may need attention. Trees or debris on the roof, shingles that have been stripped off, and water stains on the ceiling or walls are indications that damage has occurred. Anything causing leaks should be given priority and needs immediate attention. If you leave a problem area untouched or perform the bare minimum repairs, it can develop into a much bigger issue. For example, a leaky roof can cause mildew and mold if left untreated.

Repairs can be costly and take up a lot of time. Additionally, fraudulent contractors are important to be aware of after disaster strikes in an area. They will ask for money upfront and falsely promise quick repairs. To avoid these scams, talk to neighbors with similar damages for referrals or to compare estimates.

A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors is a certified professional company in Jacksonville. They provide high quality repairs at an affordable price, and are usually finished with each repair or installation within two days. A.J. Wells is a very trustworthy business due to many reasons; including the fact that they do not charge any of their customers any money until the work on the roof is complete. Additionally, A.J. Wells has upheld a strong reputation because of their long, successful history as roof contractors in Jacksonville and their experienced professional staff. They understand the risks associated with summer storms, and can install second water barriers to supply extra protection for homes in case shingles are ripped off.

This summer is a crucial time to make sure you are prepared for various damage factors that may occur throughout Florida. There are not currently any tropical storms or hurricanes on the forecast, but this hurricane season has only just begun. For any installation, maintenance, and repairs that need to be done, A.J. Wells is a business centered on integrity that can provide you with trusted work at an affordable price.


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