Assessing the Damage After a Tornado Tears Through Jacksonville

C4KSnSqWEAIahaH.jpgIf you were in the Jacksonville area a couple of weeks ago, you were probably a bit shocked as a ferocious storm came barreling through the city, seemingly out of nowhere. With powerlines down and debris strewn everywhere, the storm certainly made a mess for locals to clean up the next day. Many in the area experienced power outages and other wind damage, and an EF-1 tornado even tore through a local St. Johns County neighborhood & Fleming Island.

Heritage Landing suffered considerable damage in the short timespan of the tornado, lasting only about 50 seconds to 2 minutes. With a path of about six-tenths of a mile long and one-tenth of a mile wide, the tornado managed to rip a garage door off of one home and send it flying to the roof.

Many homes suffered from blown out windows and caved in ceilings, leaving a trail of broken glass and scraps around the neighborhood. Along with more severe damage the tornado left behind, Erica Bennett from Action News Jax said the overhead view of the neighborhood revealed “battered roofs, shingles and paneling thrown like toys- and an awful lot to clean up.”

Aj_wells_hurricane_pic_1.jpgWhile the homeowners had little-to-no time to prepare for the storm, thankfully everyone was safe. Now begins the extensive recovery process that homes in and around the neighborhood will have to begin.

In certain cases, storm damage can be pretty obvious. In many cases, however, the damage isn’t quite as easy to detect. This is why it is always best to get a professional inspection in light of a severe storm passing through. AJ Wells is an insurance restoration specialist who deals with inspections like these every day. Even if your roof doesn’t show noticeable signs of damage, there is still a high chance that there is damage only a professional inspection could detect.

As an insurance restoration specialist, AJ Wells can review the damages and determine the scopes of work that will be required to get your roof back on track. Even slight damage to your roof can turn into a much more severe problem in the long run. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to the well-being of your roof, so contact AJ Wells today to schedule an inspection and ensure your home is safe and sound.

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