Battling Wind and Rain: Is Your Home Ready for Hurricane Season?

Evacuation Route SignJust like the warm weather and sandy beaches, hurricane season is something that comes with living in the beautiful state of Florida. Hurricane season usually lasts from June until November, and with the passing of Tropical Storm Andrea, hurricane season has officially begun. Are you and your home prepared for the coming months?

What Should I Do Before a Hurricane Hits?

There are many things you can do to prepare your home and your family from the damages and dangers a hurricane can bring. One huge part of protection is to make sure your roof is already maintained and in good condition. Taking the following precautions before a hurricane are very important:

    • Build an emergency kit and create a family communication plan.

    • Learn hurricane evacuation routes as well as the locations of higher ground. Make a plan in case you need to evacuate.

    • Cover all of your home’s windows to protect them from breaking. Permanent storm shutters or cut-to-fit marine plywood are the two best options.

    • Installing hurricane straps to secure your roof to the frame of your home will reduce roof damage.

    • Clear out clogged rain gutters and downspouts.

    • Protect your garage doors with hurricane panels, or reinforce the doors from the inside with studs or braces. If wind enters a garage it can cause expensive structural damage.

    • Make sure to secure your boat at a safe harbor or store it at a marina or dock.

    • Install a generator in case of an emergency. NEVER use a generator inside homes or garages because deadly levels of carbon monoxide can build up in these areas and linger for hours.

    • Consider building a safe room.

What About Staying Safe During a Hurricane?

Being prepared before a hurricane is a big part of staying safe, but making safe decisions during a hurricane is an even larger piece of the hurricane safety puzzle. Follow these safety precautions to protect yourself and your family during a hurricane:

    • Listen to the TV or radio for information regarding the hurricane.

    • Secure your home and bring all outdoor objects inside, as well as making sure to close all your storm shutters.

    • Turn off the utilities in your home if instructed to do so. If not, turn your refrigerator’s thermostat to its coldest and keep the door shut. Make sure to learn about how to keep food from going bad during and after a hurricane emergency.

    • Stay indoors and away from glass doors and windows.

    • Use battery-powered flashlights in the dark.

    • Avoid elevators.

    • Close all interior doors and secure external doors.

    • Make sure all curtains and blinds are closed.

    • If you don’t have a safe room, take refuge in a small interior room such as a closet or hallway on the lowest level. Lie on the floor under a sturdy object if possible.

If your home is damaged during a hurricane, the best solution is to act quickly. Roof damage or a leaking roof can cause damage to the inside of your home if not taken care of in the correct manner. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors has served Jacksonville for over 40 years. We can help you recover from hurricane-related damage. Our experience has turned us into experts at providing both high-quality and timely repairs at an affordable price. We offer a complete line of roofing services including roof repair and roof replacement, maintenance, and tree damage repair. We provide a free roof inspection with any of our maintenance services. Let us help make your home ready for the hurricane season!


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