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5 Benefits of a Professional Roof Inspection

Your roof is arguably your home’s most vital component. Sure, electrical and plumbing systems are important, but without the roof to cover it all and provide shelter for you and your family, the other components don’t mean a whole lot. Still, most folks don’t give their roofs a lot of thought until there is a problem. But the truth is that just like your home’s wiring or pipe systems, neglected, incorrectly installed, and damaged roof systems can lead to serious and potential catastrophic damage to your home, its contents, and even its occupants. For these reasons and more, it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly and by a professional.

Why Choose a Professional Roof Inspector?

There are many advantages that come with hiring a professional to give your roof a good checkup once a year or sooner if there are major storms or signs that your roof may be failing. And just like you don’t do your own root canals or cut your own hair, trusting the inspection to a professional is the only way to yield professional results (yes, I’m looking at you, sawtooth bangs!)

A professional roof inspector:


  • Knows how to be safe. Avoid the risk of personal injury involved in accessing your roof by leaving it to a pro. No worry about falling off the roof or the ladder you use to climb up. Further, you avoid damaging your roof by walking on it. A certified roof professional has the appropriate tools and knows where to walk to avoid causing problems. That’s not to mention the safety gear that they use to protect themselves and the materials on your roof.
  • Has experience doing this sort of thing. Along with the tools of the trade including special equipment for inspecting your roof, your roofer brings with him a wealth of knowledge and know-how. He can spot even the most minor problems and get them fixed and out of the way before they turn into major expenses. Typically, roof inspections involve looking for leaks, mold, rot, improperly installed flashing, broken or deteriorated shingles, concerns with downspouts, and gutter problems.
  • Saves you money. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Your grandma knew it, and so do you. Preventing roofing problems is the best way to prevent roofing damage—which costs money on down the road. Roof problems can become big and ugly in no time flat, which means that roof inspections that stave off these damages are a godsend to the homeowner.
  • Helps your roof last longer. For all the reasons mentioned above, a simple yearly roof inspection can really impact your roof’s service life. And it can definitively extend the amount of time you need to go between total roof replacements.
  • May help you keep your warranty in force. Depending on the language in your home’s warranty, hiring a roofer for a professional inspection from time to time may be a requirement. Check your documents to find out if this type of inspection is necessary to satisfy your insurer.

Roofing inspections are relatively inexpensive, but can save tens of thousands of dollars in the long run. Schedule yours today with A.J. Wells Roofing & Construction for FREE.

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