Benefits of Decorative Metal Roofing

decorative metal roofing green roofing Jacksonville, FLOne of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime is buying you home. Maintaining it should be a top priority and you should take investing in it seriously. When repairing or replacing a roof on your home, you are simply restoring the original value of your home, but not adding to it. By adding a decorative metal roofing system, which can last up to fifty years, you can increase that value and provide your home with a more lasting roofing option.

Decorative metal roofing systems provides customers with a variety of styles to suit your home.

Styles include:

  • Country Manor Shake
  • Rustic Shingle
  • Grande Tile
  • Oxford Shingle
  • Clicklock Standing Seam

Although the classic look of a metal roof is offered, the colors and other various styles can be suited to the style of your individual home. Other roofing systems, including wood shingles or even clay tiles, can soften or become brittle over time, making them much more vulnerable to weather and the elements.

Heat and Sun

For the most part, the sun plays the foremost role in the aging and breaking down of your roof. The sun heats and dries out your roof causing it to deteriorate, break, and crack. Classic Metal Roofing Systems are completely impermeable to this form of breakdown. With this in mind, this roofing system can last 50+ years. In addition, they keep homes cooler, making your monthly electric bill lower.

Wind Resistant

Florida residents are mindful of hurricane season and the wear it not only puts on your gutters, siding, screens, and patios, but most importantly the roof over your head. You also know well that it is not just the rain and flooding you have to worry about, but oftentimes, it is the wind. Significant testing is performed on Classic Metal Roofing Systems, and the interlock system performs highly for such things as uplift due to high wind gusts.

Hail Resistant

Decorative Metal Roofing systems are designed with deep texturing in order to mask minor indentations and imperfections caused by hail storms. Other types of metal roofing systems do not have this design and can leave you as an owner feeling less than enthusiastic about the new “indented” look of your home.


Will metal roofing systems attract lightning? Well, metal does conduct electricity, but it does not “draw” it. No evidence has been found which shows metal roofs are more prone to lightning strikes than any other types of roofing system.

Fire Safety

Decorative Metal Roofing Systems are approved for Class A, B, & C fire rating and can often get you a lower insurance premium on your home. Areas with dry climates or those prone to major lightning storms can rest assured that decorative metal roofing systems will provide your home with safety and security.

Green and Made in the USA

With our carbon footprints getting bigger and bigger due to plastic, paper, and the use of various other man-made, non-biodegradable products, Classic Roofing Systems offers you a way to minimize the wear on our planet. This roofing system is composed of 95% recycled materials and proudly 100% American made.

Overall, if you are looking to make an investment in your home that will provide you with safety and a great savings, you should be looking at Classic Metal Roofing. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors provides the Jacksonville area with a variety of roofing needs. In addition, they are trusted dealers of Classic Metal Roofing Systems.


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