Broken Eave on Your Jacksonville, FL, Home or Business

Jacksonville Broken EaveIt’s surprising that most Jacksonville, Florida, homeowners neglect to maintain roofing eaves when it’s one of the most visual elements of the roof. The eave is the roof edge that extends out past the exterior wall line. It is the horizontal, lower edge of a sloped roof. Most often eaves are damaged by improperly structured rain gutters or severe nature conditions. Once damaged, it will need to be replaced rather than repaired. When you look up to your roof to find broken eaves, contact the professional team at AJ Wells for quick and affordable.

How to detect broken eaves

One of the quickest ways to detect a broken eave is with your water hose. Run a rose on the roof and check that the drip-edge flashing and gutters are installed correctly. Water should flow into the gutter without seeping into the sheathing or fascia. While the water runs, watch the gutter and downspouts for any leaks. If you find any seepage or leaks, contact AJ Wells immediately.

Check for dry rot wood eaves

Checking for dry rot in wood eaves must be an essential part of your routine home maintenance. Even something as minor as rotten wood can develop into a serious problem if left untreated. To check for dry rot, scrape away bubbled/cracked paint and inspect the wood underneath. Damaged paint is a big clue of rotten wood that resides underneath. Also, look for brown or black stains as this is an indicator of wood rot as well.

Schedule an inspection

If you’re concerned that you may have broken eaves on your Jacksonville, Florida, home, then contact us today for a roofing inspection. We’ll provide a thorough inspection of your roof and eaves then offer any recommendations for replacement. While staying respectful of your home and your time, we’ll ensure your appointment is done on time and to your standard.