Can my Roof be Repaired?

roof repair JacksonvilleWith our lives being as busy as they are, our roof often gets forgotten, even during the midst of a day of yard work. Taking the time to inspect your roof, either yourself or with a professional, can help you notice small problems that should be repaired quickly before they turn into big, expensive roof repairs in the Jacksonville area.

We are often asked: “Can my roof be repaired?” Determining if your roof can be repaired versus having to replace the entire roof can rely on a few simple factors.


Inspecting your shingles can help you determine if you are having a total roof problem or perhaps you have the common problem of a few shingles needing roof repairs in Jacksonville. If you notice that shingles are missing, curling, damaged or rotting, you will want to consult a roofing contractor to have those shingles repaired. Your shingles are what protect your whole house from moisture and other outdoor elements. Shingles need to be in order to protect your home and your roof, so you won’t need to do a full roof replacement early in the life of your roofing system. It’s very common for you to lose shingles in a storm or to have a few break down over time. When a large quantity of shingles starts to fall off or become damaged, it might be time to consult a roof contractor in the Jacksonville area to discuss a new installation.

Moisture Leaks

If you are noticing that there are water spots on your ceiling or up in your attic, you may be having an issue with your roof. Leaky pipes can cause water spots in your house but so can gaps in your roof that are allowing moisture in each time it rains. This is typically due to missing shingles or a cracked roof. Sometimes this type of problem can be fixed with a roof repair contractor in the Jacksonville area but sometimes this can be a sign of a bigger issue. It’s best to consult a professional to ensure this issue is properly taken care of. If it’s not, mold can grow inside you home which can cause a large host of health problems and additional structural damage. Water can also come into contact with the wood structure of your home and cause rot. If this happens, not only are you now looking at a roof replacement, but also repairs on the inside of your home. A moisture leak can become an expensive repair very quickly.

Visible Light

If you go into your crawl space or attic and notice there is light flowing through the roof into your home then you likely have an issue with your roof. Either shingles have gone missing or there is a crack in your roof. You may not notice any water damage at this point ,but this should indicate that your roof can be repaired instead of having to replace the entire roof system. If you find water or wetness in the area, there may be a need for partial removal of shingles and repair of damaged wood underneath.

Hiring a roofing contractor in the Jacksonville area can help you determine if you have a fixable issue or if you need to invest in a new roof. A professional will know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask. Contact A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors for a free professional roof estimate.



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