Water Stains on the Ceiling after a Storm: Possible Roof Problems

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Storms aren’t particularly uncommon in the Jacksonville area, even when it’s not hurricane season. While most storms are nothing to worry about, they can pose threats to your home, particularly to your roof. In most instances, you’ll weather the thunder, lightning, wind and rain and emerge unscathed. What happens if you notice water stains on the ceiling after a storm, though? This is a sign that there might be some serious problems with your roof. Here’s what you should know:

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2017 Hurricane Season is Stronger Than Ever

Hurricane season is a daunting time for Jacksonville residents.  With the Weather Company’s prediction of 14 named storms and 3 major hurricanes during the 2017 season, your family’s safety should be number one on your priority list.  Keeping a stable roof over your loved one’s heads this season can ease some of the worries that come with these unexpected storms. If your roof was lucky enough to hold up during Hurricane Matthew, that doesn’t mean the harm it underwent will hold its own during this upcoming hurricane season.  Continue reading

AJ Wells: Your Number One Insurance Restoration Specialist

14713586_667194840109566_2282309279703739630_n.jpgYou catch wind that a hurricane is barreling through the Caribbean. Local meteorologists project it will strengthen to a category 5 by the time it makes landfall in Florida, and the worst of the storm is coming straight for your area.

You take all the proper precautions: stock up on supplies, board your windows with plywood, place sandbags by your doors, and possibly even evacuate your home. Unfortunately, there are some things even native Floridians cannot prepare for. Roof damage is one of those unavoidable menaces that must be left up to mother nature to decide. So- what exactly should your next move as a homeowner be if you have suffered damage from a storm? AJ Wells is here to break it down for you:

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What are my options if I have a flat roof?

flat roof Jacksonville FloridaIf you want to replace or repair your leaking flat roof, you can choose from multiple Jacksonville roofing materials to get the job done. You need to identify exactly what type of material you have on your roof currently and the cause of the leak to determine whether you need to replace the entire roof or just a part of it. For those who have a flat roof, you need to take a look at the roof itself to check for the leak. Depending on your home, you might be able to look out the window to see the roof. If the leak is in the garage, you might be able to see the boarding underneath as well.

Various types of boarding are available. On average, roofs normally have a tongue and groove decking or chipboard. Other types of material are available, but the aforementioned materials are what you normally find on older flat roofs. Chipboard tends to be the majority, but OSB decking is being used today because it doesn’t swell and soak up the moisture like that of chipboard.

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