5 Things to Look For in a Roof Contractor

A.J. Wells Roofing are certified roofing contractors and certified general contractorsHere in Jacksonville, you never know what type of weather will roll in. Although rain is a convenient element for detecting roof damage or leaks, it’s not the only part of Mother Nature that can wear a roof down. Wind, sun and hail can also wreak havoc on your home’s most protective structure – and Florida is subject to all of these.You can’t predict the elements, but you can take our advice on how to choose a professional roof contractor that will take care of your roof and help keep your home safe. Continue reading

Roof Colors – How to Choose

Selecting the right roof colors for your home can significantly add to its curb appeal. Often times, homeowners rarely consider their roof shingle’s color when replacing the roof by a licensed professional roofing contractor. However, selecting the best shingle color can create a beautiful new look for the home, especially when it helps accentuate the overall exterior appear and landscaping scheme.

The Home’s Exterior Color

If the house’s exterior is painted stucco, vinyl or brick, it is critical to choose the best contrasting roof shingle color to enhance the beauty of the home. The selection of the shingle’s color rarely has any additional impact on the overall cost of replacing the roof. Therefore, it makes sense to view many shingle samples at the home to choose the one that best complements or contrast the home’s exterior color.

The Home’s Exterior Trim

The chosen shingle color should complement or contrast the home’s exterior trim. Each small shingle sample should be held up to the exterior trim to see what colors best complements the look. bigstock-Colorful-Roof-Tiles-64770817

The Location of the Home

For many homeowners, the overall look of the neighborhood will help determine exactly the best roof colors to select from. Other roof colors in the neighborhood usually complement each other. Only if the roof color selection helps the house stand out from the other homes in the area in a good way, should it be selected. The homeowner should take every other color in the neighborhood into consideration before selecting the roof color for their home.

The Style of the Home

The style of the home can play a significant role in determining the best roof shingle color. Any Spanish-style house should follow the traditional color schemes of that specific architectural style. Selecting a color that varies greatly from a traditional color scheme can be a wrong choice when the roof is installed. Home decorating magazines offer valuable assistance in determining the best choices for exterior shingle colors.

Assistance from a Contractor

Selecting the best roof color for your home can be greatly simplified by using the assistance of a licensed, roofing professional. Most contractors will have extensive experience in helping homeowners select the best colors from a wide range of options.

Replacing a roof is never a process that should be taken lightly. As one of the more important home improvements any homeowner can make, selecting the best materials and colors is a critical step to being completely satisfied with the job.