Prep for Storm Damage to Your Roof

Wind damage can seriously damage a roofJacksonville is no stranger to severe tropical storms. Tropical storms can bring various weather patterns that will damage your roof if you are not properly prepared.

Some of the damaging effects of tropical storms include:

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Reasons for Roof Replacement

Falling trees and their branches are grounds to schedule a roof inspection.Understanding when to opt for a new roof is important. Although the climate in northern Florida is generally balmy and beautiful, the area is also prone to tropical storms, especially during the height of tropical season. These storms can cause destructive damage, which is why it is best to keep A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction’s contact information handy. Getting your roof promptly inspected after a tropical storm–or any other cause of suspected damage–is the only way to know your roof’s repairability status.Continue reading

Thunderstorms and Microburst Cause Hail Damage Across Jacksonville

1-inch diameter hail on a Jacksonville residents' outdoor furnitureWednesday, June 1st, marked the beginning of tropical season here in Northeast Florida. And to mark the occasion, the Florida skies rained down a series of severe thunderstorms that swept across Jacksonville, leaving many damaged roofs in its wake. This is, perhaps, a fitting start to what many meteorologists forecast will be a particularly strong tropical season.Continue reading

How Damaging Is Hail To My Home?

hailLiving in a climate that is susceptible to tropical storms and hurricanes can put your patience to the test at the best of times. There is nothing worse than standing in your home listening to storms pass over while you wonder what kind of damage is currently happening to your home. Hail storms are common in Florida during January to March when the temperature and climate is changing. Hail forms when a thunderstorm updraft meets supercooled water droplets, which are water drops surrounded by below freezing air. When this happens it turns a thunderstorm into a hail storm. With hurricane season in full swing, protecting your home from hail damage in Jacksonville, FL is important.

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