Why Not to Hire a Public Adjuster When It Comes to Your Claim

Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim can be both stressful and confusing, especially when there is heavy damage that needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. This process determines how your home is repaired, and who will cover which portion of the costs to restore your house to its original, undamaged condition. Homeowners rightly want to protect themselves during what can be a frustrating process.

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Rebuilding After Hurricane Michael

Did your home sustain damage during Hurricane Michael? If you were fortunate, you have minimal damage left behind to deal with in the wake of the storm. However, many residents of the Florida Panhandle—particularly the Lynn Haven and Panama City areas—have found far more than superficial damages and blown down branches. If you live in those areas, you may have major repairs to make to your home, and the overwhelming clean-up may make it feel like you’ll never be able to get back to normal.Continue reading

Can a Roofer Legally Waive My Insurance Deductible?

Deductibles can be intimidating, especially when you’re staring down an expensive piece of home repairs. The instinct to lower what you have to pay out of pocket may tempt you to consider the offers of contractors who claim they can waive the deductible or offer a kickback and deliver a low-cost repair. While this sounds like a bargain, it can be the furthest thing from a good deal.Continue reading

First Steps to Take When Filing a Claim

Filing_a_ClaimYour home is your castle. You do everything you can to protect it so, in turn, it can protect you and your family. The integrity of your roof is of great importance to this protection. You do your best to take preventative measures to ensure you have the best weather resistant roof possible during Florida’s tropical storm season. However, sometimes Mother Nature’s fury cannot be stopped. When severe rain storms hit in Jacksonville, which happens often, your roof is the most susceptible to costly damage. When tropical storm damage emergencies occur, you need fast, professional help to repair your homes stability. When your roof suffers storm related damage, such as wind, fallen tree branches, flying debris, water or hail damage let AJ Wells Roofing help make this stressful situation a little easier. We will help you deal with filing a claim with your insurance company and meet with your adjuster to discuss and evaluate the damage to your roof. Our involvement in this process helps to prevent you from getting stuck with a settlement that won’t properly cover the needed repair, or worse, being denied compensation when there is tropical storm or hurricane damage.Continue reading