Why Cheap Roofing Can Cost You More Money in the Long Run

Cheap Roofing MaterialsIf you are a homeowner in the Jacksonville area, it is likely that at some point, you may want to do a major roof renovation. Living in a capitalist society has its advantages for consumers, forcing companies to compete for business so that people get a fair price. Unfortunately, it also promotes the belief that ‘cheaper is better’ and in most cases, that is simply not true.Continue reading

3 Ways to Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

With the average household spending approximately $2200 every year on their energy bills to heat and cool the home, finding ways to increase home energy efficiency is critical at managing utility costs. Older drafty homes that have installed single pane windows along with houses that have minimal insulation require much more energy for heating and cooling. Finding cost-effective energy efficiency solutions is a quick way to save money now. The three main areas to look at is insulation, roofing and the HVAC system. bigstock-House-And-Scale-Energy-Efficie-13239215

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