Why Not to Hire a Public Adjuster When It Comes to Your Claim

Filing a homeowner’s insurance claim can be both stressful and confusing, especially when there is heavy damage that needs to be repaired as quickly as possible. This process determines how your home is repaired, and who will cover which portion of the costs to restore your house to its original, undamaged condition. Homeowners rightly want to protect themselves during what can be a frustrating process.

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Can a Roofer Legally Waive My Insurance Deductible?

Deductibles can be intimidating, especially when you’re staring down an expensive piece of home repairs. The instinct to lower what you have to pay out of pocket may tempt you to consider the offers of contractors who claim they can waive the deductible or offer a kickback and deliver a low-cost repair. While this sounds like a bargain, it can be the furthest thing from a good deal.Continue reading

Lingering Hurricane Damage? Call an Insurance Restoration Specialist First

Do you have lingering roof damage from Hurricane Irma, or even Hurricane Matthew? Have you filed your claim, had your insurance adjuster come out to your property to assess the damage, and received your report? While the next step of finding a contractor may seem simple, there can be a lot of confusion in the process.

As a homeowner, you are now stuck with a confusing report that may be shorting you by leaving out line items required to properly put your property back to its pre-loss condition. Our goal is to prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of homeowners while providing you with friendly, efficient, and quality roofing services.

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AJ Wells: Your Number One Insurance Restoration Specialist

14713586_667194840109566_2282309279703739630_n.jpgYou catch wind that a hurricane is barreling through the Caribbean. Local meteorologists project it will strengthen to a category 5 by the time it makes landfall in Florida, and the worst of the storm is coming straight for your area.

You take all the proper precautions: stock up on supplies, board your windows with plywood, place sandbags by your doors, and possibly even evacuate your home. Unfortunately, there are some things even native Floridians cannot prepare for. Roof damage is one of those unavoidable menaces that must be left up to mother nature to decide. So- what exactly should your next move as a homeowner be if you have suffered damage from a storm? AJ Wells is here to break it down for you:

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