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roof repair JacksonvilleJacksonville, Florida is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. As a result, regular home upkeep is crucial to the functionality of your home. When the time comes for roof replacement services, it is essential to be fully prepared for the process. Roof replacements and repairs are vital to the integrity of your home. Knowing exactly what you can expect during all stages of this operation will not only give you a better understanding of the matter, but will also assist your roofing contractor in their knowledge of your desired outcome.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting… A Roof Replacement!

1. Consultation
The obvious first step to any home service process is speaking with the contractor. During this step, you will be providing any applicable information and can expect to answer questions as to your interpretation of your roof’s condition and needs. This will give your contractor a general idea on what to expect upon arrival.
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Taking on roof repair in Jacksonville, Florida can be quite an expensive and arduous task. Roofs and chimneys must be maintained in order to keep your home warm and safe. If any damage or leaks are noticed, preemptive steps must be taken to prevent this type of damage. One simple change that can be done is the replacement of your chimney cap. If it is damaged, this can lead to fires, disease, and other wanted situations in your home. Not only do they save you thousands of dollars in repair costs for your chimney, but they also can protect the health of you and your family. Continue reading

I cleaned Rob's Gutters today.  They smelled really bad.Your home is your most expensive investment, and your roof is part of your home’s foundation. What happens when your roofing system fails? What signs should you look for? How can you protect your investment? Your questions deserve answers, and you deserve the best roof repairs Jacksonville Florida companies have to offer.

Don’t take your roof for granted. Roofs provide shelter from the heat, the rain, and the cold. Just as your roof protects you, your job is to protect your roof. A few preventative checks can save your roof from leaks, and other unforeseen damages. Inspect your roof several times per year for signs of wear and tear.

When is the Best Time to Check Your Roof

Following severe storms, high winds, heavy rain, and natural disasters, your roof may show signs of damage. Inspect your roof’s exterior for water marks or possible leaks. If necessary, go to the attic and look around the interior walls for discolored wallpapers, peeling paint, flaking plaster, or stained wood. Any of these signs are true indicators of a damaged roof. Our professional roofers at A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville can provide an inspection for you if you need help with this. Continue reading