Mid-January Storms Terrorize Residents Across Florida

storm damage in FloridaOne thing that Florida residents know from experience is that the weather is unpredictable. Even when it is not hurricane season, you never know when a surprise storm may pop up. Take for instance the recent severe storms that swept through the Lake City area, Fort Myers, and Sarasota County in mid-January. Heavy rain and strong winds can cause a lot of damage to your home, especially your roof.Continue reading

6 Things You Should Expect from Your Roofing Company

roof_menRepairing or replacing the family’s roof is never a fun task, especially when attempting to locate a qualified, licensed roofing contractor. The competitive nature of the roofing business sometimes makes it difficult to find the ones that will perform the job right at a reasonable price. However, for individuals in the market for hiring a roofing contractor, the following tips can help you understand what to expect from each company. They include:

The Interview Process – Nearly every licensed roofing company will offer a free interview or consultation. This is a critical part of the process because it gives each licensed professional the ability to evaluate exactly what the issues with your roof are, and how to repair them.Continue reading

5 Projects You Should Never Do Yourself

Most homeowners enjoy working on the house by performing home projects to enhance its beauty or maintain its integrity. However, there are five specific projects that every homeowner should avoid doing themselves for numerous reasons including safety, cost and time. The following projects should be tackled by professionals because they have the experience, skills and tools necessary to do the job right. bigstock-Roof-repair-16442492They include:  

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Tear off vs. Overlay

Sometimes, you can put an overlay on a roof to fix problems. In other cases, however, you may have to have the whole thing torn off and redone. This is sometimes a code issue. There are instances where the damage to a roof is just too bad to make an overlay a good option.

An overlay can be done when there is only one layer of roofing and when the damage isn’t that bad. The advantagesof doing an overlay include:

Lower cost
Less time to complete
Less waste to dispose of

A good overlay job can last a very long time and, provided the decking underneath the roof is in good condition, your roof should be perfectly serviceable and attractive. When the damage is too far-gone you will want to go ahead and have a tear off done.

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