Thunderstorms and Microburst Cause Hail Damage Across Jacksonville

1-inch diameter hail on a Jacksonville residents' outdoor furnitureWednesday, June 1st, marked the beginning of tropical season here in Northeast Florida. And to mark the occasion, the Florida skies rained down a series of severe thunderstorms that swept across Jacksonville, leaving many damaged roofs in its wake. This is, perhaps, a fitting start to what many meteorologists forecast will be a particularly strong tropical season.Continue reading

Why Cheap Roofing Can Cost You More Money in the Long Run

Cheap Roofing MaterialsIf you are a homeowner in the Jacksonville area, it is likely that at some point, you may want to do a major roof renovation. Living in a capitalist society has its advantages for consumers, forcing companies to compete for business so that people get a fair price. Unfortunately, it also promotes the belief that ‘cheaper is better’ and in most cases, that is simply not true.Continue reading