What is Decorative Metal Roofing?

metal roofing installation Jacksonville, FLWhen it comes to decorative metal roofing, Jacksonville, FL residents have many options available to them, especially when offered by an expert roofing specialist. Metal roofing provides a sustainable, environmentally-friendly and reliable roofing solution. Whether you are looking for roofing repairs, new installs, maintenance on a leaky roof or any other problem, choosing to go with metal roofing is an increasingly popular choice for Florida homeowners.
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Identify Damage: My roof looks fine! Could it still be damaged?

roof installation JacksonvilleWhen it comes to your home, there are few things that are as essential and important as your roof. Without a sound and effective roof, your entire home is subject to various kinds of damage, eventually leading to expensive, time-consuming, and stressful repairs work.

Avoiding Roof Damage

The best way to avoid these repairs is by regular inspection to identify damage. Typically, experts suggest that a thorough inspection be completed twice a year. By performing these spot checks, small problems can be fixed before they become large, expensive ones.Continue reading

Why now is the perfect time to get a new roof

Jacksonville roof repairWith the cooler weather approaching, now is the perfect time to hire a roofing contractor in Jacksonville and to get a new roof installed. Many home improvement professionals feel that the fall is actually the best time to get a new roof because of preferred climate, tax write offs and refund money. It’s not always a good idea to put off a project such as roof repairs. Once spring arrives a lot more damage may have taken place and you will be left with some expensive repairs.Continue reading

Staying on top of Roof Problems

Jacksonville roofing maintenanceYour home is your most expensive investment, and your roof is part of your home’s foundation. What happens when your roofing system fails? What signs should you look for if you have roof problems? How can you protect your investment? Your questions deserve answers, and you deserve the best roof repairs Jacksonville Florida companies have to offer.

Don’t take your roof for granted. Roofs provide shelter from the heat, the rain, and the cold. Just as your roof protects you, your job is to protect your roof. A few preventative checks can save your roof from leaks, and other unforeseen damages. Inspect your roof several times per year for signs of wear and tear.

When is the Best Time to Check Your Roof

Following severe storms, high winds, heavy rain, and natural disasters, your roof may show signs of damage. Inspect your roof’s exterior for water marks or possible leaks. If necessary, go to the attic and look around the interior walls for discolored wallpapers, peeling paint, flaking plaster, or stained wood. Any of these signs are true indicators of a damaged roof. Our professional roofers at A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville can provide an inspection for you if you need help with this.Continue reading

AJ Wells: Jacksonville’s Roofing Experts

Jacksonville roofingAJ Wells Roofing Contractors in Jacksonville FL is a complete roofing contractor with vast experience ranging from basic repairs to complex new roof installations. Our technicians are prepared to handle any residential and light commercial job regardless of size. We can repair your roof’s worn, aged and curled shingles and replace those that are missing.

Beyond common surface roof damage, AJ Wells Roofing Contractors is skilled in resolving critical roof issues that are not easily detected by untrained personnel. It is often those hidden problems that cause serious consequences in the future. The problems include deteriorated plywood under layers and valleys and a multitude of other issues that can result in leaks and serious water damage to your home or business. We can provide you with a number of proven products and services that can make your life easier. Is your roof ventilation adequate? Do your gutters need replacement? These are two of the many other services our company can provide.

Roofs take a lot of weather and sun-related punishment. AJ Wells can repair wind damaged roofs and other storm related issues like tree damage. While shingled roofs are the most common type of roof, our experienced roofers can handle flat roofs, metal roofs and roofs made of any other material on residential as well as light commercial buildings.Continue reading

Your Jacksonville Roofer

Jacksonville rooferA. J. Wells Roofing Contractors specialize in new roofs, roof repairs and roof maintenance services in the Jacksonville area. Our expertise includes full roof installations, roof tear-off and re-roofing, and leak repair.

Prevention, of course, is better than cure. A. J. Wells, your preferred Jacksonville roofer, advises that regular inspections be carried out to determine roof health. One aspect is the eradication of fungi, ideally done before small contaminations can grow into harmful colonies.Continue reading

How to Check to See if your are hiring a Qualified Contractor

bigstock-craftsman-holding-roof-tiles-39409423As a home owner, you probably already know that your roof needs to be kept clean, maintained, and repaired in order to extend its life and protect the rest of your house. However, if you live in the Jacksonville, Florida area, you have probably heard a few horror stories from your neighbors or coworkers about their experiences when hiring a substandard roofing contractor.  You can certainly avoid these horrible problems if you simply do a little homework so you can be sure you are hiring qualified and reliable roofing company in Jacksonville in the first place.

You could prevent problems before they start. Simply choose to do business with a qualified local roofing company. A reliable company should be happy to visit you for a free estimate, be very open and honest about their credentials, and never engage in hard-sell tactics. When you engage a good contractor, you should be singing their praises to your friends and coworkers instead of telling horror stories.Continue reading

The Importance of a Professional Opinion on Your Roofs Condition

How much do you know about the construction of your home’s roof? If you’re like most Jacksonville residents, the answer is “not much”. You probably know that the shingles are the outermost layer of protection but what’s underneath them? What secures your roof to the walls of your home? What are the most likely entry points for water into your roof’s structure and the rest of your home? Whether you’re searching for leaks, considering a new roof or just going through the annual inspection process, it’s important that you have a professional opinion.

Your Roof Is an Investment

If you think that you can go it alone in determining the condition of your roof, it’s time to rethink things. You wouldn’t get into the stock market without sound financial advice. Your roof is just as big an investment, and you need professional guidance here. While you’ll be the one who ultimately makes any decisions regarding your roof, you need the help that’s only available from a trained, educated, experienced Jacksonville roofer to ensure those decisions are the right ones.Continue reading

Hurricane Preparation and Your Roof: 10 Things Every Floridian Should Know

Storm DamageJacksonville, Florida is an amazing town, filled with things to see, do and enjoy. However, hurricane season brings with it threats that every homeowner in the area should understand. Preparing for hurricane season is an expected thing for residents, but paying special attention to your roof is vital. Hurricane preparation requires much more than just readying the window covers for a possible evacuation. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Inspect the Roof – According to expert Jacksonville roof repair professionals, the first thing you should do is perform a visual inspection of the roof. Look for loose tiles and shingles that could easily be blown off.

2. Hurricane Straps – Hurricane straps are mandatory on newer homes in Jacksonville, but many older homes lack their protection. Check to ensure that you have hurricane straps attaching your roof to the walls of your home. If not, hire an expert Jacksonville roofer to take care of this serious problem.Continue reading

Roof Seal: Is it Worth it?

How often do you look up at your roof? If you are like most people the answer is probably “never”; that is unless it has a leak.

A leaking roof, if not repaired at the onset can cause a lot of problems to your home, roof panels, walls, furnishings and everything inside your home.
The significant wear and tear caused to your roof over the years by heavy winds, hail storms or hurricane can eventually result in roof damage. This damage can become a leaky roof which may inevitably develop into a leaky ceiling, thereby increasing the levels of humidity within the interiors of your home.

Now, to prevent this whole scenario, some people rely on using roof seals for repairing their leaky roofs. Roof seals can be used on any type of roof like metals, PVC, copper, wood or concrete. It offers a seamless protection with its in-built micro-sealant primer which allows the roof seal to bond well with these surfaces.Continue reading