Can a Roofer Legally Waive My Insurance Deductible?

Deductibles can be intimidating, especially when you’re staring down an expensive piece of home repairs. The instinct to lower what you have to pay out of pocket may tempt you to consider the offers of contractors who claim they can waive the deductible or offer a kickback and deliver a low-cost repair. While this sounds like a bargain, it can be the furthest thing from a good deal.Continue reading

Spend Your Refund Wisely This Tax Season

Tax return.jpgIn the midst of tax season, the big question on everyone’s mind is this: what should you spend your tax return on this year? While a down payment on a sporty convertible or a trip to the Bahamas may be calling your name, it is always a wise decision to invest in something that will pay off in the long run. Investing your refund back into your home is a great way to ensure it is well-spent. Your roof is one of the most critical components in protecting your home. A strong, secure roof requires upkeep and regular inspections. So this tax season, consider getting your roof checked out by AJ Wells.

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Reasons for Roof Replacement

Falling trees and their branches are grounds to schedule a roof inspection.Understanding when to opt for a new roof is important. Although the climate in northern Florida is generally balmy and beautiful, the area is also prone to tropical storms, especially during the height of tropical season. These storms can cause destructive damage, which is why it is best to keep A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction’s contact information handy. Getting your roof promptly inspected after a tropical storm–or any other cause of suspected damage–is the only way to know your roof’s repairability status.Continue reading

Using Your Tax Refund For A New Roof

Tax RefundSome of you may be looking forward to receiving your 2014 tax return if you haven’t already. This year, consider using your refund to invest in a new roof. Purchasing a new roof is a task many homeowners try their best to avoid but unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever and it’s a cost you will have to incur at some point during homeownership.Continue reading

Tear off vs. Overlay

Sometimes, you can put an overlay on a roof to fix problems. In other cases, however, you may have to have the whole thing torn off and redone. This is sometimes a code issue. There are instances where the damage to a roof is just too bad to make an overlay a good option.

An overlay can be done when there is only one layer of roofing and when the damage isn’t that bad. The advantagesof doing an overlay include:

Lower cost
Less time to complete
Less waste to dispose of

A good overlay job can last a very long time and, provided the decking underneath the roof is in good condition, your roof should be perfectly serviceable and attractive. When the damage is too far-gone you will want to go ahead and have a tear off done.

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When to replace your roof

Roof Repair, Roof ReplacementTo keep a sturdy roof over your family’s head, you must ensure you understand when it is essential to repair or replace your roof. The longevity of your roof depends on your environmental conditions but it should generally last anywhere between 12 to 20 years. To ensure that your roof can withstand the Jacksonville, Florida, heat, storms, and all of Mother Nature’s wrath, it is essential to know when to replace your roof.


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