How To Know If Your Roofers Are Reliable

bigstock-construction-carpenters-worker-50086991Having repairs done to your roof, and especially having it replaced, is a big project. It requires a lot of research, planning and most importantly, trust from the homeowners. While the roof is easy to take for granted, it is your families’ greatest barrier of protection from the outside elements. Knowing this, any repairs or replacements should be done with great expertise and care. Many roofers only agree to jobs to selfishly put your money in their pockets, not to provide you with the service and quality that you deserve. Sometimes, it can be tricky to tell the good from the bad and the ugly until you have a roofing nightmare to deal with. At AJ Wells roofing, our licensed professionals are held to the highest of standards and are Jacksonville’s true industry experts.Continue reading

A Personal Letter from a Happy Homeowner

To A.J., Gus, Chris, Daid and the entire staff,

While the average family will change their clothes and even their cars fairly frequently, replacing the roof on their home is not a common event. While most of us have a regular barber, lawn service, or favorite place to eat, it’s not likely you will have a favorite roofer.
With the average roof lasting twenty years of more, it is just not a regular event in one’s life. The problem is when you do need a roof, finding a company that will do a good job at a fair price may prove to be a little more difficult than finding a good pizza place. The construction and remodeling business is full of substandard companies that can make it a virtual land mine when trying to find someone you can trust and who will stand behind their work

In my case, with a roof at twenty years old, I knew I was going to need a replacement in the next few years. During this past year, our area experienced a rare hail storm which had damaged a large number of roofs in our neighborhood, including mine. As a result, a series of events placed me in contact with AJ Wells roofing. Having built our homes ourselves twenty years ago, I would always get a least three estimates for each part of the construction process. Initially, that was my intent here, but after meeting with AJ, Guss, and Chris over the course of two weeks, I decided to let them do the job. For me, this was a really rare exception to my getting three estimates.

What you have with AJ Wells roofing is a group of young men who grew up together and have formed a construction company. Aside from the fact that every one of them are some of the most personable individuals I have met in the building trade, they look sharp, they do what they say they will, they are on time, and the job is done quickly and professionally from beginning to end. If you have a question, they can answer it. They know their business and they have it down to a science.

I don’t write very many letters of recommendation, but when it’s deserved, I do. By their own admission, they told me that they have had a few clients they could not make happy. I find that hard to believe after working with them myself. It’s my guess that it was the client who had the problem, not the other way around. So, if you need a roof replaced, I personally don’t see how you could do any better than working with AJ Wells Roofing and the really great guys that own and run this company.

Ward Corr
Pace Island, Florida


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Prep Your Roof For Winter

It may seem like Florida goes straight from summer to winter, from hot and muggy to cold and dreary but there are some preparations that you should consider for your home before the seasons change and you get left behind.


You should decide what to do with all of your summer clothes. In Florida, you may not want to put all of your summer clothes up right away but sweaters and jackets will replace the majority of your shorts and t-shirts. It is also a good idea to wash your clothes before you store them away for several months. Pack your clothes with some kind of freshener to keep them smelling good during the winter months.

When it begins to get really cold here in Florida, you may decide that you want to store your patio furniture (which may not be a bad idea). Before you put your patio furniture away for a month or two, remember to vacuum all of the moisture off. This prevents your furniture from growing mold on it and smelling funky. Another tip is to trim back the branches before the fall foliage starts to fall. This will save you lots of time when leaves and small branches start to fall because you have already handled that.

Clean your roof off of any leaves and make sure that any patchwork that needs to be done gets done before the cold months arrive. Even though here in Florida snow is an unlikely visitor, you never know. We do get slush sometimes and that can be hard on your roof. You have to be careful of that cold rain that could stick for just a little bit. You should try and clean out your gutters and possibly try and keep up with it during the winter months. Those leaves are going to be coming down like crazy in October and November and it tends to rain more as well. Let your gutter start out this season all cleaned out.

If you have a fireplace try and clean out your chimney as well and get it ready to be used. It is also important to look at all of the windows in your home and see if they need to be sealed tighter than they are. The last thing you want to do is allow of that warm air in your home to escape out into the cold. That makes for a high-energy bill!

When your fall checklist is done, you can sit back with your family and enjoy this beautiful weather that fall brings.