How Should I Prepare for the Installation of my new Roof?


What do you need to know to prepare for your new roof installation?Unfortunately, no matter how well you keep your roof  maintained, it will still need to be replaced eventually. Over  time, roofs deteriorate to the point where repairs are no  longer enough to keep them from leaking. If you find yourself  in need of new roofing in Jacksonville, you’ll want to make  sure you’re as prepared as possible before the installation  process begins. If you take just a little time to prepare yourself  and your home beforehand, you can prevent unpleasant  surprises and make sure that your new roof is installed as smoothly as possible.

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Why Homeowners Should Be Wary Of Waived Deductibles

aroofers.jpgWhen homeowners receive their insurance claim for a new roof, their first instinct is to compare quotes from as many contractors they can. They are typically under the impression that if they choose the least expensive quote, they can pocket the rest of their claim and get out of paying a deductible; however, this is an incredibly false narrative that can lead to many issues coming back to bite them. Furthermore, this is manipulation of the insurance process, which will result in insurance fraud.

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Assessing the Damage After a Tornado Tears Through Jacksonville

C4KSnSqWEAIahaH.jpgIf you were in the Jacksonville area a couple of weeks ago, you were probably a bit shocked as a ferocious storm came barreling through the city, seemingly out of nowhere. With powerlines down and debris strewn everywhere, the storm certainly made a mess for locals to clean up the next day. Many in the area experienced power outages and other wind damage, and an EF-1 tornado even tore through a local St. Johns County neighborhood & Fleming Island.

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AJ Wells: Your Number One Insurance Restoration Specialist

14713586_667194840109566_2282309279703739630_n.jpgYou catch wind that a hurricane is barreling through the Caribbean. Local meteorologists project it will strengthen to a category 5 by the time it makes landfall in Florida, and the worst of the storm is coming straight for your area.

You take all the proper precautions: stock up on supplies, board your windows with plywood, place sandbags by your doors, and possibly even evacuate your home. Unfortunately, there are some things even native Floridians cannot prepare for. Roof damage is one of those unavoidable menaces that must be left up to mother nature to decide. So- what exactly should your next move as a homeowner be if you have suffered damage from a storm? AJ Wells is here to break it down for you:

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Reasons for Roof Replacement

Falling trees and their branches are grounds to schedule a roof inspection.Understanding when to opt for a new roof is important. Although the climate in northern Florida is generally balmy and beautiful, the area is also prone to tropical storms, especially during the height of tropical season. These storms can cause destructive damage, which is why it is best to keep A.J. Wells Roofing and Construction’s contact information handy. Getting your roof promptly inspected after a tropical storm–or any other cause of suspected damage–is the only way to know your roof’s repairability status.Continue reading

5 Things to Look For in a Roof Contractor

A.J. Wells Roofing are certified roofing contractors and certified general contractorsHere in Jacksonville, you never know what type of weather will roll in. Although rain is a convenient element for detecting roof damage or leaks, it’s not the only part of Mother Nature that can wear a roof down. Wind, sun and hail can also wreak havoc on your home’s most protective structure – and Florida is subject to all of these.You can’t predict the elements, but you can take our advice on how to choose a professional roof contractor that will take care of your roof and help keep your home safe. Continue reading

Why Cheap Roofing Can Cost You More Money in the Long Run

Cheap Roofing MaterialsIf you are a homeowner in the Jacksonville area, it is likely that at some point, you may want to do a major roof renovation. Living in a capitalist society has its advantages for consumers, forcing companies to compete for business so that people get a fair price. Unfortunately, it also promotes the belief that ‘cheaper is better’ and in most cases, that is simply not true.Continue reading