Is your roof ready to handle the heat?

Protect Your Roof, AJ Wells Roofing ContractorsAre you unsure about when to replace or repair your roof? Due to Florida’s sweltering heat, many Jacksonville home roofs endure a tremendous amount of wear and tear from wind, rain, and especially heat.  Taking care of your roof’s maintenance needs is key to sustaining your home’s value.  Essentially, a roof should be treated as an investment.  Without repairing or replacing your roof in a timely manner, it can cause eternal damage to the inside of your home, slowly decreasing its value and rapidly increasing your repair bill.

By calling AJ Wells Roofing Contractors for regular inspections, you can keep your home’s value up while also protecting you and your family from outside intruders through the roof.  Since the 2011 hurricane season is quickly approaching, now is a great time to call a contractor out to inspect your roof for any leaks, cracks or other malfunctions. When a storm hits, it becomes more difficult to find a roofing contractor on when you need it. With broken phone lines, power outages, and damaged property, roofing contractors all over Jacksonville will be pulled in many different directions. Contact us today to save your home come what may tomorrow.

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