How to Protect Yourself from Public Adjuster Scams

Roof damage is going to happen…

…to almost anyone living in the state of Florida.

It is simply one of those things we accept as residents, right?
Let me explain.

If you’ve not yet experienced roof damage great…but my goal is to:

  • Inform you of vital information that will benefit you in case you need to file a claim for roof damage.
  • Help ensure you get the best service available when your roof is being replaced
  • Get the best bang for the buck from your insurance company

When a claim is filed for roof damage…there is a series of processes required.

Oftentimes, people do not have a clear understanding and assume that once the adjuster evaluates and provides a quote for the damage that the actual replacement will begin.

Unfortunately, this is far from the actual course of action that is involved.

As a roof replacement contractor…

…I have heard numerous nightmares of storm victims being misled by public adjusters or lawyers.

These professionals run radio ads professing to get the best deal or pose an offer like…


Have you ever questioned what they are getting the most of?

Do they truly understand or care about the repercussions you’ll endure?

Or if your roof is not replaced properly?

Unfortunately, most of the time, these individuals are focused on earning a percentage from the insurance claim you file rather than truly understanding the in-depth steps that go into properly assessing the damage prior to helping with the claim.

Public adjusters and lawyers are often motivated to acquire new clients so they can make money off of the claims filed versus having any inclination of considering whether or not your roof replacement meets building code standards.

At AJ Wells Roofing, we offer free inspections and because we restore and replace roofs on a daily basis, we are familiar with all building codes.

We know how to spot issues and we stand behind our services.

Every home receives a 10-year warranty on workmanship coverage, plus we use only quality products, which are backed by manufacturer warranties that last up to 50 years.

While storms can often cause damage that is visible at ground level, it can also pose issues that are not quite so obvious, but can compromise the integrity of your roof and cause you more expense and stress later on.

However, when you rely on the experts that deal with an assortment of roof issues on a regular basis, you can have peace of mind that the less prominent issues will be spotted.

Not only does this provide better roof protection for you during a future storm, it also helps alleviate minor issues and prevent them from developing into major problems.

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