Check Your Roof for Pest Damage

Home_InspectionInsects, rodents and other pests do not just cause damage to the foundation of your home, but they can easily cause roof damage, too. Many times, carpenter ants, insects, rodents and termites will begin to chew into, or tunnel through, the roof eaves and fascia boards of your home. When insects make their way into your roof, larger animals burrow in after them to feast on the bugs harboring in your attic or roof. When small burrowing animals get into your attic or roof, larger animals arrived to feed on them.

When animals and insects make their way into the attic or roof, they can do extensive damage, which often times causes a significant damage that requires costly repairs. Squirrels that make their way into the attic might gnaw through wires, or chew through water pipes causing extensive damage to your interior carpets, furniture and belongings.

Even if your roof is covered with components that are highly resistant to animals and insects, aging roofs can create a leak large enough invite rodents, insects and other pests in the roof. If you notice any type of leak inside the home that often indicates there is an opening into the attic or interior part of the roof. Many types of insects, like carpenter ants, enjoy spending their time in a leaky roof’s wet, soft rotting wood.

The simplest way to avoid any type of pest damage to your roof is to perform routine preventative maintenance. Inspecting your roof every spring and fall can assure you that all of the roof materials are still in proper working condition. Knowing there are no major problems will offer you peace of mind.

Should any problem arise including bird nesting, mildew, damaged shingles or rot, repairs can be made before any other pests, insects or animals makes their way into the roof. Many times, roof inspectors will find a hornet, wasp or bee’s nest inside the home owner’s roof, or along the roof line deep inside the siding that is often undetectable to the eye, especially from ground level.

Harboring insects are known to hibernate in roofs and attics through the long winter months waiting for a change in the season when the weather gets warmer. Once the hotter days appear, home dwellers can find themselves in a defensive position warding off an attack from swarming insects that are exiting the home’s roof.

When inspectors find any type of pest waste or debris from animals that accumulate on the roof they can simply remove it before becoming a bigger problem. It is advisable that any homeowner never attempt to remove a trapped live animal or swarms of insects on their own.


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