Commercial Roofing: Duro-Last Certified Contractor

durolast_commercialroofing_ajwellsroofingHas time caught up with your commercial roof? There are several great reasons to choose metal roofing for your commercial building. Lower initial installation costs and advanced fire protection are two main reasons. However, as with everything, time catches up and adverse affects can compromise the roofs integrity. Years of exposure to harsh hot and cold elements and rust or corrosion can combine, leading to frustrations of leaky buildings and escalated maintenance costs. Some of the most common problems with metal roofs include:

  • Rust and corrosion – Moisture and steel don’t get along. Everyone knows what snow, rainfall, and pooling water eventually causes rust and corrosion, causing holes and form and appear.
  • Loose seams and cracked penetrations – As the weather changes, roofs expand and contract. Since metal roofs are made of sheets fastened together, this expanding and contracting causes loose screws, pulls at seams, and cracks to form around stacks and other penetrations.
  • Ice build-up – When ice builds up in gutters it can cause a water blockage from not being able to drain properly during a thaw. Creating a drainage back-up provides a greater opportunity for moisture to enter through a seam.
  • Interior drips– If the metal is not adequately insulated, cold temperatures cause the warmer moisture vapor inside the building to collect as frost underneath the steel roofing panels. This leads to dripping inside and rust forming on the inside of the building.

Maybe it’s time for a new roof?

Luckily, there are several solutions for aging metal roofs, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The first option is to reseal the exposed seams and apply a waterproof coating. Even though this is the most cost effective option, it only protects against the rain and is only temporary. Since the roof continues to expand and contract, it will eventually rupture the new seals and coating. Another option is to insulate the metal roof with spray-on urethane foam and applying a protective sealant. While this method does help protect against rain and interior leaks, the irregular surfaces caused by the foam coating are known to collect water. Typically, the warranty for a foam coating doesn’t even cover damages caused by water puddles. The final option is to go ahead and completely replace the roof with new insulation and steel. This option will solve problems for the longest amount of time, but eventually the exact same issues will arise. This option is extremely disruptive to the buildings normal operations and is the most expensive. So, what do you choose?

Aren’t there more permanent options available?

The answer is yes! Duro-Shield metal retrofit roofing systems from Duro-Last provides a new alternative to dealing with roof damage. The Duro-Shield roofing system is the most cost-effective, long-term way to protect your commercial building from rust and corrosion, extreme weather temperatures, ice build-up and interior drips. Here’s how it works:

  • It is applied right over the existing metal roof with no tear-off required.
  • The insulation is cut and placed to fill all of the flutes.
  • A second insulation layer is added to ensure a flat surface as well as an increased R-value.
  • The prefabricated membrane is fastened to the deck on top of the insulation.
  • Prefabricated flashings for stacks and penetrations are welded on-site to create a monolithic covering and assure a leak-proof seal.

Each Duro-Shield roofing system is customized for each individual roof. The process begins with an evaluation by an authorized Duro-Last contractor who evaluates the roofs current condition and performance requirements and then creates a plan to meet the specific needs. The needed accessories and edge details are custom prefabricated at one of our plants in Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi or Oregon to ensure it fits your buildings dimensions. The entire installation process is simple, safe, requires no heavy equipment, no dangerous chemicals and no excessive labor. Your business can remain open during the installation process, as well, since there is no tear-off required.

Duro-Last is so confident in the durability of the roof system that we offer the best warranties in the industry. The standard-comprehensive warranty guarantees 15 years. 20-year warranties are also available for Duro-Last. A metal retrofit roofing system will do more than protect your building, it will protect your budget from high energy bills.