Dented Eaves on Your Jacksonville FL Home or Business Roof

Jacksonville Dented Roof EaveWhen your roofing tiles break or splinter, you get them immediately. However, what about warped or sagging eaves? The eave is the trim of wood along the edge of a roof and it is often neglected. A broken or dented eave can dramatically decrease the look and value of your Jacksonville, Florida, home. When you are concerned you may have a dented eave on your home’s roof, contact the professional roofing technicians at AJ Wells for immediate at an affordable rate.

How to detect a dented eave

Most eaves are damaged by improperly structured draining gutters that warp over time. To dented eaves and shingles, you must replace them altogether. So how do you spot a dented eave prior to scheduling a replacement with AJ Wells? The eaves are the part of the roof that sticks out past the walls. Look at this targeted area and make note of any discoloration then check for any water that has leaked through and run down the slope. Also, check for cracking paint, bubbled paint, as well as black or brown spots. If you notice any of these issues, then it’s time to bring in AJ Wells for dented eaves.

When’s the best time to check for dented eaves?

The springtime is the best time to schedule a roofing inspection to check for dented eaves and broken shingles. Mother Nature hits the hardest during the Fall/Winter times in Jacksonville, Florida. A springtime roofing inspection will be able to help you catch any potential issues before they become irreparable roof damage.

To schedule a roofing inspection or to learn more about dented eaves, contact the roofing professionals at AJ Wells.