Dented Shingles Jacksonville FL

A direct hit by torrential rainfall, fallen debris, and hail damage to your home can cause immediate and exponential damage to your roof. Dented shingles are not just unsightly; they can affect the function of your roof causing water and moisture to seep into your home. Once entered in, moisture can cause mildew and mold, which can then cause health problems and aggressive home damage. So what can you do to ensure your dented shingles don’t destroy to your home? Contact the professional team at AJ Wells.

Dented shingles in Jacksonville, Florida, are most often caused by hail storms. Hail forms as frozen water drops that are lifted in turbulent wind regimes during a thunderstorm. During it’s formation, hail increases in size before inevitably falling to the earth as a result of the combination of gravity and wind forces. Hail varies in size but can expand to be the size of a golf ball (or 11/2 inches in diameter). Wind direction plays an important role in the damage that hail may cause to your roof.

When your Jacksonville, Florida, home has been hit by a hail storm, it’s important to schedule a roof inspection to check for dented shingles. At times, you may not be able to see the damage without the help of an expert roofing technician. Most hail damage is cosmetic, however, there are times when a severe storm may cause severe wood splitting, significant granule loss, penetration of the shingle and fracture may require shingle replacement.

To learn more about the severity of hail damage in accordance with roof damage and dented shingles, contact our roofing team today. One of our qualified roof damage specialists will be happy to assist you in getting your roof back to its best qualities –durable, dependable, and structured.