Dos and Don’ts of Purchasing a New Roof


Purchasing a new roof is a necessary, but expensive home investment. How can you ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of purchasing a new roof? Follow this handy guide to find the best roof possible for your home.

    • Don’t shop for price only. The price of a roof install will vary depending on the size and location of your home. If you shop around for quotes and find one company has significantly lower prices than the others, it is probably for a reason. Professionalism and quality should weigh as heavily on your decision as cost.

    • Do check references first. The Internet makes it easy and simple to review online testimonials and reviews before choosing a roof installation company. Look for comments regarding customer service and quality. However, keep in mind that consumers often post online testimonials only when they are upset with the service. Contact potential roof installation companies to request portfolio information as well to ensure you have the complete background of the company.

    • Do check the warranty. When purchasing a new roof, it’s important to ensure labor and materials are clearly specified on the contract. Check the contract is dated and signed by a company representative. If there is a dispute over the contract in question, the benefit of doubt goes against the roofing company.

    • Do a final inspection. Before paying the final bill, do a complete inspection of the work. Look for a substantial amount of replaced wood on the ground, count the number of replaced rafter tails and the distance between them. This will help assist you in arriving at your own estimate of the amount of wood that was replaced. Also, look for places were replacement would might be missing.

    • Do take pictures of the work as it progresses. Take pictures of the roof progress and any area where the roofers could potentially cause damage to the home. Choosing the right roofing experts will ensure that you have less to worry about, but the pictures will keep your property guarded in case of accident.

    • Don’t sign a contract without meeting your roofing contractors first. A qualified roofing contractor will be happy to meet with you on your premises to make sure you’re comfortable with the process. A face-to-face meeting will make it easier to communicate any issues you may be having with the roof and what you’re looking for in a roofing contractor.

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