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Duval in State of Emergency as Tropical Storm Colin Tears through Florida

Roof damage after tropical storm Colin ripped through JacksonvilleIn the late afternoon of Monday, June 6, tropical storm Colin made landfall in Florida, and Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for 34 Florida counties, including Duval. Colin caused over 10,000 Florida residents, from the Tampa Bay area to Jacksonville, to lose power. Jacksonville’s Westside felt the brunt of the destruction, with potential tornado damage to one residence where hundreds of shingles were torn off and damaged due to Colin’s high winds.

The western and northern areas of Duval county were issued a tornado warning around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. One Westside resident reported that around 3 p.m., his wife, who was at their home, heard a sound like a freight train; it only lasted for about 30 seconds and then it was gone, along with part of their roof. Despite all this damage, fortunately, no one was injured.  contact A.J. Wells Roofing at (904) 553-0069 or visit if you need a roof evaulation after this week’s storms.

Tropical storm Colin causes a lot of storm damage to Jacksonville roofsAlthough Colin has already traveled North towards South Carolina, and although Colin is expected to lose its tropical cyclone status by Tuesday evening, the residual effects of Colin’s wake, strong winds and flooding from runoff to name a few, will leave Duval county under a “Tropical Storm Warning” until the end of the week (Friday, June 10th). Fortunately for Jacksonville residents, A.J. Wells is prepared, and has already begun getting to work helping affected residents repair and rebuild. We know that wind damage and water damage to a roof are a serious matter. If you need to fortify your unharmed roof, or if you suspect you have wind damage or any damage caused by a storm, contact A.J. Wells Roofing at (904) 553-0069 or visit Our licensed general contractors and licensed roofing contractors are familiar with damages closely related to wind and hail damage that could be related to homeowner insurance claims. Please let A.J. Wells help if you suspect you have roof damage and a viable claim; we can come inspect the damages and provide an evaluation.

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