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We specialize in insurance restoration on residential homes.


Storm damage can come in many forms. Whether a tree has fallen on your house, shingles have been removed, or a portion of your roof is missing, we are here for you.

When a catastrophe happens, sometimes a helping hand is needed to get your home and life secure until your damage can be assessed and repaired. Our teams can handle everything from getting removing a tree in from your living room, to quickly securing a tarp over your home and preventing from water intrusion with a tarp . we’ll We’ll keep you safe from mold, moisture, and all other water related damages.

When a big storm hits, of course we get busy. During a storm however , we answer calls and dispatch teams to protect what properties we can. Directly after a storm, we work even harder to secure your property so the next rain and wind event does not do more damage.

At A.J. Wells we use military grade tarps that are 10x more secure than what you can purchase, we have a warranty guaranteeing your roof with be watertight.


Insurance Restoration

Most homeowners immediately call their insurance adjuster to file a claim and see how much their settlement will be worth.

Often times, homeowners can be taken advantage of for not knowing exactly what the roof replacement process entails. This makes homeowners subject to denied claims or insufficient coverage for tending to their roof. This is when you call an Insurance Restoration Specialist like AJ Wells.

When you hire AJ Wells Roofing & Construction, you’re putting the dirty work in the hands of experienced professionals. We know how to thoroughly inspect a roof and determine the severity of the damage it has endured.

AJ Wells does not deal directly with, insurance companies or file claims on behalf of the client. Instead, we have a network of professionals that we work closely with and fully trust to handle our client’s claims.

Once you have received a proper settlement, AJ Wells is then able to handle the rest of the roof replacement process.

The following services are available for all homeowners in Northeast Florida

So, if it is a storm we a track for days, or if it is something a little less predictable like a microburst or tornado, storms always manage to hit when it’s least convenient, know that you can rely on AJ Wells Roofing Contractors. We are not only going to be the first on the job immediately after your roof experiences storm damage, we will walk with you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of your deductible.



As a family-owned-and-operated business,
we understand how a potentially unstable roof can cause financial stress and fear for any homeowner