Eye of the Storm: What Every Homeowner’s Focus Should Be, Your Roof

Jacksobigstock-Hurricane-Pattern-5392116nville, Florida is no stranger to hurricanes and strong storms thanks to its location on the Atlantic Ocean. Homeowners in the city need to be familiar with hurricane preparation procedures to ensure the safety of their families and their homes. However, when it comes to hurricane prep, many homeowners put the focus on the wrong things, or prioritize their prep work incorrectly. The roof of your home is where your focus should be, and here’s what you should do.

Why Focus on the Roof?

Given the potential for damage to every single part of your home from hurricanes, it’s natural to wonder why you should focus on the roof first. There are some very good reasons for this, including the fact that your home’s roof is the single most important structural element – it protects the interior from wind and rain, ensures that you and your family stay warm and dry, and keeps mold from spreading throughout the home (from moisture). Without a sound roof, your home is no safe haven at all.

What You Need to Know

Now that you can see why the roof of your Jacksonville, Florida home should be your initial focus, let’s dig into what you need to do to prepare for any hurricane damage.

First, you need to inspect your roof fully (ideally, this should be an annual event, rather than something you do when you’re worried a hurricane’s path may bring it to shore nearby). Regular roof inspections let you stay on top of its maintenance and health. It’s better to hire a professional Jacksonville roofing company to provide your inspections so you’re sure that you’re getting the most accurate picture possible of your home’s soundness and safety. Curled or loose shingles should be warning signs that your roof isn’t up to taking the brunt of a hurricane, and missing shingles are signs that you’ve already got roof leaks that need to be repaired.

After the inspection, you need to take additional steps (based on the recommendations of your roofing contractor). These can include resealing leaking areas on the roof (rubber seals and flashing, for instance), as well as replacing any missing shingles (after repairing any damage from water leaks).

To make your home less prone to damage from high winds, you can have a roofing contractor install hurricane clips/straps. These essentially connect your roof with the walls of your home and lend a tremendous amount of stability and resistance. Truss braces are also good ideas, as they add increased lateral strength to your roof.

If you’ll be investing in a reroofing project (or are having a new roof installed), it’s a good idea to use wind-resistant shingles, as they hold up much better in hurricane force winds than standard asphalt shingles. Some shingles are rated up to 130 MPH, which can provide enough resistance for them to stay in place even during a full-blown hurricane. Deck reinforcement is also a good idea (the deck is the material under the shingles, which forms the actual roof of your home – shingles are technically a roof covering).

Choosing a Jacksonville Roofing Contractor

Given the importance of ensuring your roof is prepared for hurricane season, it’s vital that you choose a reputable roofing contractor in the city. A.J. Wells is an excellent choice based on expertise, experience, length of time in Jacksonville and the number of services we can offer. A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors offers affordable rates, expert services and the highest customer satisfaction in the area. Call us today to schedule your roof inspection.


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