Going Solar (Roofing Alternatives in Jacksonville, FL)

Solar Panels, Roofing ServicesAt A.J. Wells Roofing, we can offer you the most eco-friendly and energy efficient options for your roof to keep your cost and bills low.  Using a variety of “cool roof” products and installations, you can help reduce the money spent on air conditioning and possibly qualify for local utility company rebates.

Having a cool roof means that the roof’s surface has both high reflectivity and high emissivity.  High reflectivity requires the surfacing material to reflect solar energy away from the exterior.  To control high emissivity, you must radiate heat energy away from the surface.  Along with other benefits, a reflective roof can reduce the thermal shock that occurs on the roof surface and in return makes the roof last longer.

AJ Wells Roofing Contractors, we have a wide selection of cool roofs and eco-friendly systems that come in a plethora of colors and styles.  These solar safe tiles are designed to perform as a roofing product rather than a traditional solar panel.  The solar tiles are durable and provide reliable power generation, which in turn reduces pollution and green house gas emissions while delivering sustainable energy.

The solar roof tiles provide an attractive and effective energy solution for your home or business. They are streamlined, interlocking to fit the exact shape of your roof.  Their unique interlocking mechanism allows them to easily blend in with the style and architecture of your roof.

For other energy saving products, homeowners should consider solar powered attic fans that cool your attic. The electrical fans work like the electric attic fans, but run on solar energy and are easy to install.  By installing attic fans, you can reduce the harmful effects of weather on your home.  Wood rot, mildew, exterior paint peeling, roof deterioration, and energy losses are just some of the problems that come from poor ventilation and insulation. It’s key to eliminate moisture buildup by providing adequate ventilation, otherwise the moisture can attract wood damaging pests, such as carpenter ants and termites.

AJ Wells Roofing Contractors, we can guarantee the best eco-friendly and energy efficient roofing to get your utility bills back where they should be.  Give us a call today for your free estimate (see coupon section) to see how much you could be saving!


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