Green Roof Check-up Guide

There are significant environmental advantages to installing a green roof on your home or office, by a licensed roofing professional. It can significantly reduce the release of polluting air particles and harmful compounds. Often built with equal friendly components, these green roofing materials can help the planet, while allowing the homeowner to save on cooling and heating costs. RoofingOptions

Many homeowners automatically replace their existing asphalt shingle home with a new one without considering the increased burden on the planet’s delicate environment. Other roofing materials including metal, wood and clay offer a more natural, green alternative that can be as much as, if not more so, aesthetically pleasing. Selecting the best green roofing solution involves choosing the right materials with the highest level of quality.

Color Selection

Individuals that live in excessively hot climates should always avoid darker colored roofs that tend to absorb and hold heat. High population communities, with an excessive amount of homes that have dark roofs, can have dramatically higher temperatures on warm days then in the surrounding areas. Adding to the problem of global warming, dark roofs exacerbate the already delicate problem. Choosing a lighter color as a roof selection can be accomplished using nearly any type of green material.

Choosing Wood

While wood is certainly one material option for going green, because it acts as a great insulator at protecting the home from excessive heat, it has its own significant issues. Wood tends to expand and contract during the hot and cold times of the day allowing it to be substantially more prone to a variety of conditions including splitting, shrinking, warping and other forms of damage.

Choosing Metal

Metal has become an extremely popular choice in recent years because of its inherent ability to reflect direct sunlight. However, as a green option it does not serve the environment as well. The manufacturing process requires an excessive amount of energy to make each piece, and to transport. While it does have the ability to reduce utility costs once installed, it does not serve as the best choice for roofing materials in helping the planet.

Choosing Clay

Out of all of the available green materials, clay roofing is an excellent choice. It serves as the ideal insulator, is completely fire resistant and holds up well when reflecting the damaging rays of the sun. Often avoided because of its higher installed price tag, it does save the homeowner in heating and cooling cost, while serving as the perfect green roof solution.

Selecting the best eco-friendly roofing material install by a professional licensed contractor is a great way to help the homeowner and the environment.


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