Hail Damaged Roof Jacksonville FL

Just because you live in sunny Jacksonville, Florida, does not mean your home is not susceptible to a little bit of hail. After a storm, if your home is left with a hail damaged roof, then it’s time to contact the professional roofing technicians at AJ Wells.

A hail damaged roof can be detrimental to the sturdy foundation of your roof. The damage of hail can result in tiny granules of your roof missing. Over time those small granules will turn into disaster for your roof by shortening its lifespan and leading to roof leaks.

Even when it appears that there is minimal damage to your roof caused by hail. A hail damaged roof may not show significant damage for years, but the earlier you get it checked out, the better your chances of avoiding a costly replacement.

Should you replace your hail damaged roof?

Without a thorough inspection of your roof, it’s difficult to answer this question properly. In most cases, simple patching and will do the trick. However, there are some cases where a moderate-to-severe hail storm is the cause for getting a complete roof replacement. The best thing you can do after a storm is to contact AJ Wells to receive a complete roof inspection. Our trained roofing technicians will carefully inspect your hail damaged roof to provide a throughout quote and estimate of damages.

For being small in size, hail can do some real damage to your roof and home. In fact, hail accounts for more than $1.6 billion in damages per year in the United States. Protect your roof and your home after a terrible storm with the help of your roofing technicians in Jacksonville, Florida. Contact us today at (904) 553-0069 for your free roofing estimate when you suspect you have a  hail damaged roof in need of.