Hail Dings Jacksonville FL

Your perfectly structured roof can be fractured in seconds after a terrible hail storm. Hail dings on your Jacksonville, Florida, roof are not only unpleasing to the eyes, but to the foundation of your roof.

What to do after a hail storm

If you suspect roof damage after hail damage, there are some things you can do first contacting AJ Wells.

  • Carefully complete a roof inspection. Follow all of the necessary safety precautions before proceeding onto the roof. Wait until a day or so after the storm to ensure your roof is dry then carefully stay on your ladder and just use your eyes to inspect your entire roof. Do you notice any hail dings on your roof? Do you see any questionable areas that look like they were hit the hardest from the note? Take note of all of these issues and better yet, take pictures. Pictures will allow you to better communicate with your roofing technician.
  • Contact a roofing technician. When you notice hails dings in your roof, contact AJ Wells immediately. We specialize in insurance restoration and we provide free inspections on the work you will need.
  • Be cognizant of hail damage. To help you better understand the damage of hail dings on your roof, we have provided this diagram to better illustrate how size matters in terms of hail.
    1. Less than 1 inch: When a hail storm produces pieces that are smaller than an inch (or the size of the quarter) then you’re looking at potential damage to your asphalt roofing in particular. However, when hail is this small, it’s hard to tell what damage has occurred and it’s important to consult with a trained roofing technician from AJ Wells.
    2. 1 – 2 inches: If the hail is anywhere in size between a quarter and egg, then the damage to your roof is particularly more noticeable. Hail dings of this nature may need to be replaced immediately to reduce any wearing down of the roof.
    3. Larger than 2 inches: If the hail is larger or equivalent to a golf ball, then you will definitely see significant damage to your roof and will need to complete the necessary steps for a full report.

To learn more about hail dings on your roof and how to avoid costly replacements, contact AJ Wells today at (904) 553-0069.