Have You Checked Your Roof for Wind or Hail Damage?

man checking roof for storm damageWith Jacksonville’s average rainfall of 52 inches a year, your home’s roof is its first line of defense to keep the interior of it safe and dry. Even though the area has not seen a direct hit from a hurricane in a long time, we still get a lot of rain and wind passing through during the tropical season between thunderstorms and tropical storms. If you are like most people, you probably do not think to run outside immediately after a storm to check for wind damage on your roof.

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You Are Not Alone

Let’s face it, not many people give the roof of their home a second thought until there is a problem with leaks or other visible damage to the interior of their home. And by the time this damage is found, it can be quite extensive. Not only do you have leaks to contend with, but also you may have mold or mildew that can cause serious damage to your home’s infrastructure and cause a threat to your family’s health.

Missing or torn shingles, along with other problems caused from hail or wind damage could compromise the integrity of your roof. Once exposed, the roof’s underlayment or sheathing makes your roof more vulnerable to additional damage and leaks from the wind and rain.

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Fear of Insurance Hassles

You may think that a few missing or torn shingles is not really a big deal and will just cause you a hassle with your insurance company. Fear of higher premiums or having your property insurance policy cancelled or not renewed may be stopping you from filing a claim for wind damage. According to a 2015 Florida Statute, your insurance companies cannot cancel or refuse to renew your policy because you have filed a claim for damages “that are a result of an act of God.”

The only way your insurance company can refute this is if you have “failed to take action reasonably necessary as requested by the insurer to prevent recurrence of damage to the insured property.” Therefore, if you do not address the problem properly at the onset, you may have bigger hassles with the insurance company in the future, especially if more extensive damage occurs. If you want peace of mind, call AJ Wells Roofing Contractors

How A.J. Wells Roofing Can Help

If you suspect your roof has sustained hail or wind damage from a storm, immediately contact A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors. Your insurance company will only give you a limited amount of time to make a claim. Our roofing experts will provide you with a free inspection and provide you with the results immediately. We will deal with the insurance company directly and discuss damages to the property, value of those repairs and the scopes of work needed at that property. In many cases, our team can help you get your roof replaced with your only out-of-pocket cost being your insurance deductible.

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