How a roof transforms your curb appeal

Jacksonville curb appealCurb appeal is a very important aspect to owning a home, or even selling one. When you own a home, you want your dwelling to be presentable and make a good first impression. The first impression is crucial for those looking to impress, but it’s even more important for those looking to sell their home, since the outside of your home can affect many things, even the amount your home sells for and the amount of people who come to view an open house.

What Factors Affect Curb Appeal?

It isn’t enough to know that curb appeal influences what and how people think about your home. It should be obvious that appeal has to do with looks and appearance, but you may not know which little factors mesh together to create this rating of your home and how good it looks. Here is a list to get you started:

  • Outdoor home decor
  • Appearance of the lawn (Is it well kept?)
  • Exterior house paint
  • Nature and wildlife
  • Nearby areas, like railroad tracks and schools
  • Age of the home
  • Neatness and appearance of clutter
  • The appearance of the roof

Why Roof Appearance Really Matters

When most people think of sprucing up the exterior of their homes to help boost appeal, seldom few stop to think about the current condition of their roof, and even fewer stop to call a roof contractor. Jacksonville, FL is a great place to own a home, but without proper curb appeal which includes a top notch roof, you won’t impress anybody no matter how flashy your home is on the inside.

A roof can be 50 percent of the visible exterior of the home, so it makes sense to keep it looking nice. Since this big ticket item of the home often only needs major repair or replacement every ten to thirty years, it often gets overlooked in favor of smaller, easier projects that will bring about immediate results. Stop and think for a moment. Imagine a beautiful home that has all the key characteristics in it that you find visually appealing. Say it is a nice Victorian with a gorgeous wrap-around porch and beautiful trim work. Now, imagine if that house had an old, sagging roof with missing shingles and other unsightly problems. What would you think? Would you still love that house, or would you be thinking about all the work you’d have to put into it to make it your dream home?

Hiring a Roof Contractor in Jacksonville FL

Finding a suitable roof contractor in Jacksonville FL can be difficult, but never impossible. A popular roof contractor in Jacksonville FL is A.J. Wells Roofing Contractors. This team of roofing contractors knows what they are doing and will help you assess whether your roof needs major or minor repairs. Whether your project just involves a quick touch-up or a complete revamp, these guys are a reliable roof contractor in Jacksonville FL.

Curb appeal will always be an important part of owning or selling a decent home, nothing is going to change about that in the near future. However, it isn’t hard to ramp up the first impression in ways you hadn’t thought of. Spruce up the yard by trimming bushes and the lawn, plant some flowers and lay out some stones, make sure the house has a fresh coat of paint as well as the garage, and above all, make sure the roof is in the best condition possible. This repair will last for years and will keep your home looking fresh and alive. After all, don’t you want your home to shine when compared to the rest of the neighborhood? Don’t you want to be the best of the best?


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